Treating Hair With Saw Palmetto

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Saw palmetto has been used for various purposes and it is mostly found in Atlantic coast of southern USA. It is also known to be a perfect choice for treating hair loss in case you try to use it in a proper way.  Those who have medical problems must stay away from using saw palmetto as it can cause problem to estrogen as well as testosterone. Always go to a doctor before using any type of palm plant for treating hair loss.
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First look at the hair loss spot over the head as the saw palmetto can be used only on a particular type of hair loss such as the androgenic alopecia. In this the hair loss will be found in places such as temples, top of your head and it can affect men as well as women. Try to using saw palmetto only for changing testosterone to the dihydrotestosterone which is known to be a natural process that can be effective to androgenic alopecia. Make sure to consult a hair specialist or a doctor before using saw palmetto for treating hair loss. Try to read the instructions on the bottle of saw palmetto that you are planning to use as there are different brands available. Always consult a doctor about using the saw palmetto in a proper dosage to prevent any kind of side effects. There are few side effects that are caused by saw palmetto which includes stomach pain, bad breath, nausea and more.

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