Coloring Your Hair Red Naturally

natural red hair natural red hair2
Coloring the hair with a natural product can be the safest method to stay away from hair damages. There are different ways that can be used to color the hair with red highlights with natural hair colors than going for a chemical colors. Here are few things that can help to add the natural highlights to your hair without using any type of chemical hair coloring products. Anyone can use this technique to color their hair naturally without consulting a hair specialist as it is completely harmless to your hair.
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First prepare clove tea or black coffee whichever if you prefer is the best option. Then make it cool fully and keep it aside. Next wash your entire hair with shampoo and make sure to rinse it completely. Now take the tea and apply it all over the hair from top to bottom. Let the hair stay with the mixture for about fifteen minutes and wring the hair. Now rinse the hair once again with the mixture and leave it for another fifteen minutes. At last take the mixture out of your hair by just washing it as usual. Now you must condition the hair normally and style it as per your desire. You can use the mixture to rinse the hair as per your wish which usually depends upon the brightness you want to add to your hair. While leaving the hair with the mixture cover it with the shower cap.

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