Styling Dry Hair With Wave Rods

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Cold wave rods can be used on a dry hair to make it look perfect. But you must know the proper way to use these rods in your hair to make them look stylish. Try to make sections in your hair before starting the styling and decide what about the curl type you are going to create in the hair. The styling process is very simple, just roll your hair in the wave rod and secure it in place. Then dry it with a blow dryer and mist it with s spray.
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As usual wash your hair and create sections depending upon the curl you are planning to achieve. Make sure that the hair sections are not too big as it can spoil the entire hairstyle. The size of your hair section must be smaller than the wave rods. Place the rods at the end of your hair and try to wrap it using your hands. Try to apply a little amount of pressure with your hand during the rolling process and mist the hair with a spray. Use a hair dryer to make the hair section dry and apply cold hair from the dryer over your hair before taking the rods out of them. Now your hair will have a spiral look and it will not have a natural look because you are trying this process with a dry hair. Use the same method on the remaining sections and blow dry them just like the first section.

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