Getting Steam Treatment On Straight Hair

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Using steam on a straight hair can add moisture in it and this is also good for hair locks to remain healthy. The steam can be of great support for relaxed or other types of hair. The vapor from the steam can open your hair cuticles to make the conditioner enter into the strands very easily.
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Before using the steam on the straight hair, try to wash it using clarifying hair shampoo as it can help in removing the buildup that is left on the hair. Then use a hair conditioner or apply a oil that is suitable for your hair type as it can make the hair strands moisturized which is good before starting the steaming process. Wear hand gloves and moisten a cloth with water that is hot before using it over the hair. Now you can wrap the cloth with water over the hair and cover it using a plastic cap to lock the steam produced from the cloth inside the cap. Let the cloth stay on your head not more than half an hour and then take the cloth out for wetting it with hot water once again for placing it over your head for the second time. After taking the hot cloth out of your head and hair becomes normal, try to rinse the hair with cold water. Use the same technique once in a week to maintain the hair healthy and also to prevent weak strands.

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