Steps To Create Weaved Cornrows

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Weaved cornrows can give a great hairstyle, but it is imporant to know the process of weaving your hair in a perfect way. It is considered to be on the most efficient as well as safest ways to add extensions to the natural hair. There is no need to use any kind of chemicals, heat or glue to affix the extensions along with your hair as they are just sewn in. In this style, cornrows are braided tightly against your scalp to keep the weave in place.
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Clean the hair using a shampoo and condition it to get rid of oil as well as dirt. Leave the hair to dry naturally for better results or use a blow dryer. Divide the hair around a perimeter of your head and start at the bottom of the hair about two inches. Use a clip to secure the hair which will be left unbraided for weaving. Start creating cornrows in the hair above two inch marks at the front of your head and then go down to the nape of your neck. Continue to create small braids from the roots until the hair where you will have cornrows. Thread curved needle to sew the hair extensions into cornrows and cut hair extensions to your desired length to affix its end one inch above the ends of cornrow braids. Sew the extensions from the back of your head and move towards the front on each part of the hair. Finally create a knot at the end of the rows to secure it in place.

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