Styling Too Short Hair With Diffuser

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A diffuser is a hairstyling tool that can be used along with a blow dryer to create beautiful look hairstyles. But while styling the short hair with the diffuser there is a proper techniques that must used to achieve the perfect result. This method can be applied on medium to short hair and different hair types.
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First dampen your hair with water and make sure to use hair moisturizer. Then apply a hair product that can add volume into your hair and it can also help to prevent damaged caused by the diffuser. Then create small twists in the hair before using the diffuser. Make the head to face straight up and start to use the diffuser from the section that is behind your head. Apply only medium to low heat from the diffuser on your hair so it can maintain the structure in the hair. Use your fingers along with the diffuser during the styling process and keep the diffuser slightly away from the scalp as it can spoil your entire look. Use the same technique throughout your hair to end the styling process. If you want to add little volume into the hair, try to bend the head down and scrunch the hair before moving into the original position. Once your complete the diffusing process, use your fingers to comb the hair slight by raking it slightly which will give a completely natural look.

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Methods To Use Wella Toner On Hair

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There are different types of hair toners available in the market and it is mainly helpful in after the bleaching process to maintain blonde color. One of the hair toner is produced from Wella that can be used to make the hair bright. There are ways that must be followed while using the Wella toner on your hair.
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First select the hair toner that is suitable for your hair color. Those who have dark hair try to apply the peroxide for increasing the hair color as it can change into a brassy color. Use blue-based hair toner to change the yellow hair color and in case your hair looks light try to use ash hair toner to make it look bright. First take Wella hair toner in a bowl which must be about one part and mix take two part of 20-volume developer using the brush. Then wash your hair normally using the shampoo and use the mixture over the hair strands. You must also use hair conditioner on the hair to make the hair toner to prevent it from entering into the scalp. Let the hair toner stay on your hair for just five minutes only if you have a dark hair. Make sure not to leave the conditioner more than the recommended time on your hair as it can change the hair color into violet. Next rinse the entire hair normally and apply a hair conditioner once again all over.

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Securing Straight Weaves In The Night

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Securing straight hair weave while going to sleep in the night is important to prevent any kind of damage to your hair. The hair weaves are also available in different sizes and designs. If you fail to secure the straight weave during the night, it can cause knots in your hair that can be really painful. The straight weave must get more attention when compared other types of hair weaves to make it look beautiful when you wake up in the morning. Here is a simple method which can be done with the help of a scarf to keep the weaves in place. By doing this the hair can stay in the same shape for a long time.
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First mist the entire hair with oil hairspray which will be useful in adding more shine into your hair. Then take the hair to create a ponytail behind your head to secure the hair in place. Take a silk scarf by folding it like a triangle and keep its long side edge over the head to cover your hair. Next make the scarf to face down and crisscross ends of its triangle shape at the back of the head. Try to pull its ends back over the head once again and secure the scarf ends by creating a knot over the head which will be helpful in keeping the straight weave in its original place in the night.

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Steps To Create And Maintain Spinning Hair Waves

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Spinning hair waves is one of the most difficult hairstyles that is worn by only few people all over the world. This hairstyle can give a trendy look and it is normally created by a hair specialist. There are also other ways that can be used to achieve the same style at home. Here are few ways that can help for treating this hairstyle in a proper way.
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Go to hairstylist to cut your hair into one and half inches long and then wash your hair. Apply hair pomade in the hands and spread it throughout your hair in a gentle manner. Take a towel which is dampened with hot water for covering the head for about 3 minutes to make the pomade used on the hair to melt. Next comb your hair towards to back of the head and just below your crown diagonally over the ear on both the sides of your head to create a connecting area at the front as well as at the back of your head. Now use a wave cap to cover the head for about half an hour or you can sleep with the cap on for a night. Use the same method on the other day to create waves in a proper way. To maintain the hair in a perfect shape avoid brushing the hair after wave cap is removed from your head for about two weeks.

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Styling Your Hair With Steam Curlers

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Steam curlers are one of the best tools to create beautiful looking hairstyle without visiting a hairstylist. It can add moisture into your hair to change the look of your hair. This tool is also very easy to use when compared to other heat styling tools such as curling irons and more. There is no need to mist the hair before using the steam curlers during the hairstyling process. In case your hair has problems in holding the curls properly, try to mist it with a spray.
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Start the hairstyle with a clean and dry hair and avoid using any type of hairstyling product. Then make a center part over the head using a comb and try to wrap your hair ends in the steam curler. Use the curler clip that is provided along with the steam curler to secure the wrapped hair in place. Use the same method on the other part of the hair that was divided and leave the curlers for about fifteen minutes. Now you can start unwrapping the hair from the curler and try to unroll your hair very gently using your hands. You can take the clip out of the hair section at the end of your hair and do the same all over the head. Once you have completely taken the curlers out of the hair, try to brush them using a soft comb to get a natural look.

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Treating Hair Damaged By Sun

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Hair damage caused by the sun can is known to be very difficult to treat, but there are ways that can solve this problem as well. Most of the people thing that treating the sun damaged hair is not possible and they must live with it throughout their life. Just treat your sun damaged hair by following this simple method.
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The sun is known to cause little damage even if you are exposed to it for a short period of time. It can cause holes in some parts of the hair on the outside layer. It is important to treat this part of the hair or cuticles which is called as for making the hair to stay strong. There are special products that can be applied on the hair strands to prevent sun damage. Wash the hair using moisturizing shampoo before applying the conditioning product on daily basis which can make the hair healthy from inside. Also undertake protein treatments on weekly basis to add strength to the hair and prevent further damage from the sun. You must also use the perfect hairstyling tools such as hair dryer, hair combs, flat irons and more while styling the hair. While going out in the sun try to cover the head with a scarf or wear a hat so the hair doesn’t get exposed. There are also hair gels that can prevent the hair from getting damaged from the sun, but it is only useful for some time.

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Using Gelatin For Coloring Hair

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Gelatin is one of the best choice for coloring the hair to get a funky look. It is important to use this product in a proper way to make the hair look beautiful without getting it damaged during the styling process. Gelatin has no chemicals in it which makes this product easily usable by anyone at home. It is also best product that can be used on kid’s hair to change the hair color without being worried about any hair damages.
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The first thing to do is pre-lightening the hair using a lightener or you can also bleach the hair completely. Then take the gelatin and mix it with hot water to create paste like substance. This will be useful in making the gelatin sit easily on the hair strands effectively and provide the best result. Start applying it all over the hair from top to end using your hands or you can also use a hair coloring brush. The gelatin can be left on the hair for a long or short period depending upon your desire and it does not contain any type of chemicals that cause damage to the hair which is one of the best thing about this product. You can make the gelatin to stay on the hair as long you wish and it can easily give a great look as long as it is left on the hair. Try to wash the hair normally to take get rid of the gelatin.

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Treating Lazy Curls On Short Hair

short lazy curls short lazy curls2
Short lazy curls can occur on any part of the hair and it can give a hard time while styling your hair. There are ways that can help for dealing with these types of curls without going to a hair specialist. Just use the following method for taking care of these lazy curls on any part of the head. One of the best option for styling the lazy curls is using your fingers than going for other styling tools that can cause damage to the hair.
short lazy curls3 short lazy curls4

short lazy curls5 short lazy curls6
The lazy curls that normally occur on top of the head can treated by simply twisting them around the fingers or some of them even try to secure them using hair pins. There is also another option for securing it with the help of a knot. You can make the curls to dry fully naturally or try to use a hairstyling product for twisting it perfectly with the help of your fingers. Hair gel can be the best product for twisting the lazy curls as they are very soft which can also add a small amount of movement in the hair. After the hair becomes dry, use a curling iron on the section that features lazy curls. In case the lazy curls are seen in from of the head, try to use the curling iron to create beautiful bangs than trying to cover them using the hair gel.

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Styling Hair With Flat Iron And Gel

flat iron hair flat iron hair2
Using a flat iron on your hair along with hair gel can give a completely beautiful and straight hairstyle. This method is known to be very simple to make the hair straight for those have curly or wavy hair. It can maintain the hair straight till it gets washed next time.
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flat iron hair5 flat iron hair6
To begin your styling first take a small amount of the gel in your hands and spread it completely between both the hands. Then take a one inch hair section and spread this hair gel through the section using your hands. Next use the blow dryer for making the hair dry and use your hands during this process for combing the hair. Let the hair gel get dry fully by leaving it for about one minute and take the flat iron for using it on the hair section. You can just place the flat iron on the hair section from top of the head and gently move towards the end to make the hair straight. Use the same method on the remaining hair section for making them straight just like the first section. You can use thermal protection gel on the hair to prevent the hair from getting damaged from the heat produced by the iron. Flat iron is not to cause serious damage to the hair if you are using it on regular basis, so try to keep them away whenever possible while styling your hair.

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Treating Synthetic Weave That Is Matted

matted synthetic weave matted synthetic weave2
Matted synthetic hair weave can easily get tangled if you fail to treat it properly. You must put extra care while taking the tangles out of the weave to prevent it from getting damaged. Just use the following method for making the synthetic hair free from its tangles.
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matted synthetic weave5 matted synthetic weave6
First go through your hair to find out the tangles in the weave and keep the remaining hair separated with a hair clip. Take small part of hair that has been matted without putting any pressure to prevent hair from pulled out of the root. Hold the hair section in your one hand and use the other to remove the tangles gently by brushing it with your fingers from the end to the roots of the hair. Never try to detangle the matted hair from its root as you may pull out the hair too hard causing hair breakage. Once you have completely brushed the hair section with your fingers try to mist the fingers for brushing it again very gently. Now you must use the same hairspray for misting it over the hair section that was detangled. Use wide-toothed brush for combing the entire hair part from bottom to its roots. Continue the same process on the remaining hair section that has been matted. Wash the hair with cold water and use a normal shampoo during this process. Avoid using heat styling tools on the synthetic hair weave as it can burn them.

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