Creating Curls On A Brazilian Blowout Hair

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Brazilian blowout is one of the techniques that is used for making the hair straight. In case you are planning to curl the hair after getting the Brazilian blowout treatment it is important to follow a proper method. This treatment is normally done only by a hairstylist, but some of them also try this at home. It is important to mist your hair with a spray before using the flat iron to prevent damage to the hair.
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First use a hairspray to mist the entire hair to add more hold into the hair. It is better to use a thermal protecting hairspray to create beautiful curls after the Brazilian blowout process. Then take a flat iron for keeping it at the end of your hair and start wrapping the hair in the barrel. Let the hair in the iron for about ten seconds and gently take it out using your hands. Now the curls created in the hair will be slightly tight that can be brushed to look softer. Just use your fingers to brush the curls and stay away from other combing tools. The curls will get defined if you are using a hairspray before starting the styling process. In case you have thick hair, try to leave the flat iron for at least twenty seconds so it can get set perfectly. Even though the styling the hair with Brazilian blowout technique takes long, you can create curls within few minutes.

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