Styling Hair With Flat Iron And Gel

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Using a flat iron on your hair along with hair gel can give a completely beautiful and straight hairstyle. This method is known to be very simple to make the hair straight for those have curly or wavy hair. It can maintain the hair straight till it gets washed next time.
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To begin your styling first take a small amount of the gel in your hands and spread it completely between both the hands. Then take a one inch hair section and spread this hair gel through the section using your hands. Next use the blow dryer for making the hair dry and use your hands during this process for combing the hair. Let the hair gel get dry fully by leaving it for about one minute and take the flat iron for using it on the hair section. You can just place the flat iron on the hair section from top of the head and gently move towards the end to make the hair straight. Use the same method on the remaining hair section for making them straight just like the first section. You can use thermal protection gel on the hair to prevent the hair from getting damaged from the heat produced by the iron. Flat iron is not to cause serious damage to the hair if you are using it on regular basis, so try to keep them away whenever possible while styling your hair.

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