Using Gelatin For Coloring Hair

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Gelatin is one of the best choice for coloring the hair to get a funky look. It is important to use this product in a proper way to make the hair look beautiful without getting it damaged during the styling process. Gelatin has no chemicals in it which makes this product easily usable by anyone at home. It is also best product that can be used on kid’s hair to change the hair color without being worried about any hair damages.
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The first thing to do is pre-lightening the hair using a lightener or you can also bleach the hair completely. Then take the gelatin and mix it with hot water to create paste like substance. This will be useful in making the gelatin sit easily on the hair strands effectively and provide the best result. Start applying it all over the hair from top to end using your hands or you can also use a hair coloring brush. The gelatin can be left on the hair for a long or short period depending upon your desire and it does not contain any type of chemicals that cause damage to the hair which is one of the best thing about this product. You can make the gelatin to stay on the hair as long you wish and it can easily give a great look as long as it is left on the hair. Try to wash the hair normally to take get rid of the gelatin.

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