Methods To Use Wella Toner On Hair

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There are different types of hair toners available in the market and it is mainly helpful in after the bleaching process to maintain blonde color. One of the hair toner is produced from Wella that can be used to make the hair bright. There are ways that must be followed while using the Wella toner on your hair.
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First select the hair toner that is suitable for your hair color. Those who have dark hair try to apply the peroxide for increasing the hair color as it can change into a brassy color. Use blue-based hair toner to change the yellow hair color and in case your hair looks light try to use ash hair toner to make it look bright. First take Wella hair toner in a bowl which must be about one part and mix take two part of 20-volume developer using the brush. Then wash your hair normally using the shampoo and use the mixture over the hair strands. You must also use hair conditioner on the hair to make the hair toner to prevent it from entering into the scalp. Let the hair toner stay on your hair for just five minutes only if you have a dark hair. Make sure not to leave the conditioner more than the recommended time on your hair as it can change the hair color into violet. Next rinse the entire hair normally and apply a hair conditioner once again all over.

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