Styling Too Short Hair With Diffuser

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A diffuser is a hairstyling tool that can be used along with a blow dryer to create beautiful look hairstyles. But while styling the short hair with the diffuser there is a proper techniques that must used to achieve the perfect result. This method can be applied on medium to short hair and different hair types.
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First dampen your hair with water and make sure to use hair moisturizer. Then apply a hair product that can add volume into your hair and it can also help to prevent damaged caused by the diffuser. Then create small twists in the hair before using the diffuser. Make the head to face straight up and start to use the diffuser from the section that is behind your head. Apply only medium to low heat from the diffuser on your hair so it can maintain the structure in the hair. Use your fingers along with the diffuser during the styling process and keep the diffuser slightly away from the scalp as it can spoil your entire look. Use the same technique throughout your hair to end the styling process. If you want to add little volume into the hair, try to bend the head down and scrunch the hair before moving into the original position. Once your complete the diffusing process, use your fingers to comb the hair slight by raking it slightly which will give a completely natural look.

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