Getting Malibu Treatment At Home

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Malibu treatment is usually used for treating the hair that has been damaged with the hard water. This treatment features anti-oxidants that are used for taking the copper, iron and calcium out of your hair. Most of them go to a saloon to get this treatment done, but you can also do the same at home. This the natural way of getting the Malibu treatment done on your hair without going to a hairstylist and there is no chemicals involved in this process.
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First take instant lemonade and mix it with water to create paste as per your desire. Then mist the hair with water so it can become slightly damp. Next apply the mixture over the hair from top to bottom just like using the hair conditioner. After covering the entire hair try to use a towel to wrap the head or you can also use a shower cap. Let the hair to set for about fifteen minutes and take the cover out of the head. Now you can wash the hair as normally you would do with a shampoo. Use this method at least one time in a month to treat the hair in a perfect manner. While using the lemonade paste for the first time it can be slightly sting your hair similar to the actual Malibu treatment and there is no to worry about this. Try to mix the instant lemonade depending upon the length of your hair.

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Creating Curls On A Brazilian Blowout Hair

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Brazilian blowout is one of the techniques that is used for making the hair straight. In case you are planning to curl the hair after getting the Brazilian blowout treatment it is important to follow a proper method. This treatment is normally done only by a hairstylist, but some of them also try this at home. It is important to mist your hair with a spray before using the flat iron to prevent damage to the hair.
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First use a hairspray to mist the entire hair to add more hold into the hair. It is better to use a thermal protecting hairspray to create beautiful curls after the Brazilian blowout process. Then take a flat iron for keeping it at the end of your hair and start wrapping the hair in the barrel. Let the hair in the iron for about ten seconds and gently take it out using your hands. Now the curls created in the hair will be slightly tight that can be brushed to look softer. Just use your fingers to brush the curls and stay away from other combing tools. The curls will get defined if you are using a hairspray before starting the styling process. In case you have thick hair, try to leave the flat iron for at least twenty seconds so it can get set perfectly. Even though the styling the hair with Brazilian blowout technique takes long, you can create curls within few minutes.

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Methods To Create Wedge Hairstyle

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Wedge hair is a very popular hairstyle that was worn by most of the people during 1970s. There are few people including celebrities who style their hair in the same way to achieve a unique look. You must follow a proper method to get this hairstyle in a perfect manner.
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First divide your hair by taking most of your hair over the head. Then leave few inches hair to hang down from the bottom of your head including the bangs. Next style your bangs as per your wish by cutting them or just brushing it using a normal comb. Start cutting a perimeter hair near the neck as per your desire, but try to maintain it just over your shoulders. Now take the remaining hair from top of the head and start cutting it as you wish with the help of the same perimeter. After cutting the hair try to part it straight down from the center of your head. Brush your hair from the middle of your head from behind like 90-degree angle and make sure it looks parallel. Cut the hair from its end by making a diagonal line to keep the hair long on top when compared to the hair at the bottom. This is the best way to achieve the wedge hair in a unique way. Use the same haircutting technique all over your head to create the wedge look and let the hair fall on its own.

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Styling Hair With A Lightening Spray

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Lightening sprays is the best product for using it over the hair to make it look light. The hairspray can be used on any type of hair to add natural looking color. Most of the people try this technique for lightening their hair color without going to a hairstylist. This is the best way to change your hairstyle on regular basis by simply misting the hair with the hairspray.
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First do a strand test by using the lightening spray on a small part of your hair to check for any reactions. Try to purchase the best hair lightening spray to prevent it from fading in a short period of time. Next take water in a bottle and mist it over the hair to make it slight damp. Then select the hair section that needs to be lightened and keep them secured separately. Now start using the lightening spray over the divided section of hair evenly. Let the spray to dry on its own as it has been heat activated. You can dry the hair by going out in the sun during summer or use a blow dryer during the winter season. Those who have brunette hair will achieve red tones after it has been sprayed with lightening spray. Those who have blonde hair must use the lightening spray to achieve blonder highlights. You can apply the lightening spray several times during the day till you are able to get the proper result.

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Making Your Hair Straight With Straightener Cream

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Hair straightener cream is the best solution to make the hair straight on temporary basis and it can also help to achieve smooth looking hair. This cream has been specially heat activated that can be spread over your hair from top to bottom and use a blow dryer for styling the hair. You must purchase the right straightener cream for applying it on the hair for good result.
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Start the styling with a clean hair which can maintain the straightener cream for a long time on the hair. Also brush the hair to take the tangles and knots out of the hair. Now take the straightener cream in your hand and distribute throughout the hair very gently. You can just comb the hair with the help of your fingers to make the cream to spread evenly all over your hair. Once the straightener cream starts to appear light on the hair, stop the combing process. Next divide the entire hair and secure each of the three parts with hair pins. Start using the blow dryer on the hair part by part and make sure to attach the round brush during this process. Try to use one section of hair for the blow drying process before moving on to the other hair section. Continue the blow drying process and combing with the round brush till the hair becomes fully dry. Now you can style the hair or let the hair fall on its own as it will completely straight.

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Taking Care Of Hurting Braids

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Hurting braids can cause lot of discomfort for anyone who wears them. The braids can be hurting mainly if they are created tightly and it can be solved with simple styling methods. You can just make the braids to lose by using simple tools without going to a hairstylist. There is no need to remove the braids completely when you feel them hurting.
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Making the cornrows or normal hair braids to loosen can take the tension out of the scalp. Go through the scalp on your head and try to rub them with fingers very gently and mainly on the places where you find the tension strong. You can also just massage the scalp with your fingers to find out the areas that cause discomfort and use the cotton swab to work it gently over the middle of your braid to make them loose without spoiling the hairstyle. Avoid wrapping the braids too tight while creating the ponytail and let the hair fall down on its down without putting them in a scarf. It is important to add moisture into the braid when you create them too tightly. Use normal moisturizing techniques on the braids to make them comfort. Always condition the hair in a proper way before creating the braids and maintain them perfectly by using hair conditioners. Don’t use leave-in hair conditioners too much as them can make the hairstyle look oily and sometimes they can also cause itchy scalp.

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Methods To Sew-In Net Weave

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Sew in net weave onto your hair can avoid friction in the weave wefts after you apply it over the head. This can also maintain the weave hairstyle for a long time by holding it perfectly in place. You can also include lot of track weaves in the braid and the net to make it look full weave hairstyle.
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First create a cornrow braid by starting it from the nape of your head and make the part around the head. Use ponytail holder to secure the middle part of your hair and braid the remaining hair around the head. Take another section over the perimeter on your head to create the braid in the same way and add loose braids in the second braid. Now sew your loose braid like beehive pattern at the side of your head with the help of a needle and weaving thread. Try to keep the weaving net on top of the beehive pattern and se the net over your first braid just around the hairline. Make sure that the net is taut over the head and then start sewing the wefted weave. Start the hair weft sewing from your first cornrow without cutting the wefts and maintain it just over the net on your scalp. Continue to sew your wefted weave in the same way till the end the beehive pattern. Now you can comb your hair over the middle and make sure the tracks are covered completely.

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Using Chi Silk Product On Hair

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Chi silk can be used as a leave-in product on all types of hair and it has been specially developed to make the hair strong. The same product can also make your hair look soft as well as shiny. Those who are using flat irons and blow dryers for styling hair can also use this product to protect your hair from the heat produced from these tools. Anyone can use this product whenever they want to style their hair and there is no need to worry about any product build up.
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Before using this product for styling your hair, try to make sure that the hair has been completely cleaned and you must also use a hair conditioner after getting the hair washed. Then take a towel for drying your hair slightly and maintain it little damp. Start brushing your hair as usual to make it free from tangles and start applying a little amount of chi silk product in your hand and spread it throughout your hair. Try to spread this product all over the hair starting from its root and gently move to the end. Let the product stay on your hair as long as it exists and there is no need to rinse the hair. Now you can try creating various hairstyles with your hair and you can also use heat styling tools without having the fear about hair damage. Use the same product for styling the hair on any occasion.

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Using Scissors For Blending Hair

blending hair Unveiling of Rapper Hazel-E at Smash on May 14, 2009 in Hollywood, California.
Blending hair on your own can be a tricky process as you must know the proper method to do this at home. There are different tools and techniques that can be used for blending the hair, but one of the simple method is by using scissors. You can easily over comb the hair with the scissors for the blending process. Try to prepare yourself before starting the styling process as you cannot stop it in the middle of the hairstyling.
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First try to blend the hair with the hairline after the haircut with the over comb method using the scissor. Use the same technique on the remaining part of your hair all over the head. You can do this process with the help of a scissor and comb. Try to take the fine hair section with the help of a comb and bring it towards the inner part of your hair by moving it consistently to blend the hair easily. It is always important to move the comb along with scissor to achieve this look perfectly. Don’t stop in the middle of this process as the hair will look bad after the styling. You must start the styling process in one stretch and completely it without stopping anywhere in the middle. If you feel nervous about using the scissors for blending the hair, get help from a friend or you can go to a saloon to achieve it in a perfect manner.

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Blend Two Color Extensions

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If you are using hair extensions with different colors, then blending them in a perfect way is very important to make it look good. Using unmatching extensions can make them look fake and to achieve a natural look try to use two matching hair extensions. There are also different methods that can be used while blending two color hair extensions. Some of them can give a hard time, so try to get some practice before using them over the head. Don’t try to blend the hair extension that does not look good with each other as it can spoil your entire look.
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First select hair extensions that looks similar to you natural hair color. Always use two tone reversible extensions which will be available in light as well as dark colors. You can also clip the hair extensions with the highlighted effect such as keeping the dark hair near your neck and use the light color over the dark extension. You can also clip the dark colored extensions at the bottom of your hair and attach light colored hair extensions over the top of your head. By doing this you will be able to achieve a natural looking hairstyle. While using reversible extensions try to add the highlighted one over the nape of your neck and then secure the lighter side just over the top of your highlighted hair. Continue this process till you secure the entire extension along with each other.

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