Making A Frizzy Hair To Look Straight

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Frizzy can occur due to various reasons and in case you are planning to make it straight try to follow few important steps. The frizzy hair can be made to look straight as well as sleek without going to a saloon. Before starting the straightening process, make sure to decide whether you want to make the hair straight on temporary basis or permanently.
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First wash the hair with a shampoo and apply a hair conditioner that can control frizz. Use shampoos and hair conditioners that have been specially made to create a straight look in your hair. Then dry your hair with a blow dryer and try to use a round brush during this process. Next make parts in your hair and start rolling them with the hairbrush and try to keep your hair taut before using the blow dryer over the round brush. Now use the flat iron on the hair section to make the hair straight. Purchase the flat iron that is suitable for your hair type or you can also consult a hairstylist before using the flat iron on the hair. Use hair gel or hairsprays that can control the frizz after taking the hair out of the round brush. Make sure the entire hair section has been straightened. Don’t use the blow dryer and the flat iron on your hair section for a long time and while styling the straightened hair avoid using too much of hair product.

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Steps To Make Hair Follicles Thick

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Hair follicles is only available in certain numbers and it cannot be increased. But you can try to make the hair follicles thick by using some of the natural ways. There is no need to purchase any special products for doing this a home. Avoid doing too much work as it can cause stress and affect blood circulation.
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To make the hair follicles thick by following a natural method, first you must do proper exercise daily without fail and maintain the heart rate perfectly which is very important in the circulation of blood. By doing exercise you will be able to improve blood circulation that will be helpful in producing natural oils in your hair that can make the hair follicles thick. Try to do yoga which can reduce stress and improve blood circulation very easily. Another option is following balanced diet which must contain protein. Protein is able to produce amino acids which are important for the growth of hair follicle and it can also repair the follicle if it is damaged. You can also treat the hair follicles are by drinking herbal tea at least 3 times in a week as it is known to increase the blood circulation. Don’t use any type of chemical products that is said to treat the hair follicles as you can damage it further. The best method for making the hair follicles thick is by following natural ways that can maintain it in a perfect shape.

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Styling Your Hair Like Colonial

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A colonial hairstyle was often worn by upper-class French ladies with dramatic rolls. This hairstyle was known as eccentric trend and it was also criticized by some of the social critics. Queen Marie Antoinette was known to wear this style with lot of enthusiasm. The hairstyle lost its popularity in the 1800s just like other similar styles.
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First comb your hair fully to prevent tangles and spread a generous amount of volumizing mousse to the hair roots. Then separate a small section of hair a using rat-tail comb at the crown of your head. The parted section must be 2-3 inches thick and then secure it into a ponytail with an elastic hair band. Create hair donut with the ponytail and pin the donut to the head using bobby pins. Wrap your ponytail around the hair donut and then secure it using bobby pins which will serve as the base of the high roll. Separate rest of the hair into small sections and backcomb each of them forward as well as backward a few times to create a larger volume. Brush your hair and pull it all over the top bun to get a high ponytail. Next finger comb the hair and coil the ponytail around the index finger close to the scalp. At last mist all of your hair with a hairspray to keep the hairstyle in place.

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Creating A Ponytail With Double Knot Hairstyle

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The double-knot hairstyle is a best way to style the hair for special occasion, but you can also create a ponytail with it. It is the perfect way to style the hair when it is long and to keep it away from your face. This hairstyle will take few more minutes when compared to the standard ponytail and it can also give a slightly fancier look. Here is a simple and easy to create this style at home.
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First brush the hair fully and make sure all the snarls are removed. Separate the hair into two sections and create a ponytail on each part. Secure the hair in place with ponytail holders. Create a ponytail which must look like old-fashioned pigtails and try to keep it messy. The ponytail can be placed high or low on your head as per your desire. Those who have short hair, they can keep the ponytail closer. Spread a little amount of styling gel or mousse all over the hair and smooth it back to control unruly hairs. Hold the ponytail in your hand and tie both the ponytails together. Send bobby pins through the knot and then into the base of the ponytail to secure the hair. You can also use more bobby pins if the hair is long or heavy. Make the ends of your ponytails to hang as it is and spread a little amount of styling gel or mousse all over the hair to keep the ponytail in place.

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Boy Cut With Wavy Hair

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The boy cut is normally worn by men and it can also look women good with it. It can be created by getting a light perm from a hairstylist before getting the hair cut to look wavy. This can help it to stay in the same shape for a long time and after that it needs a little styling which can be done by brushing it smooth in the morning. A wave can be created by washing the hair with a shampoo and condition it in a proper way over time and while using a perm make sure to style your hair without fail.
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While using the crimping iron to style your hair try to style daily as the crimping iron is used similar to a straightening iron. You must crimp the hair by pressing the hair in between the hot plates of the crimping iron and leave the waved imprint on your hair. After that mist all over the hair with a firm hold hairspray to make the waves will hold in place for a longer period of time. Once the hair becomes completely dry, leave the hair to fall naturally and to get a smoothed appearance comb the hair with a brush. Make sure to add a firm hold mousse over the hair while styling your hair which can help to add more body to the hair.

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Crimped Look With Straight Hair

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Creating a crimped look with a straight hair can be easy, but you can also make it look good with a simple ponytail. The ponytail is a very unique fashion that is suitable for occasion and a crimped ponytail was popular from a long time. There are many celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle as it is very simple to create and it can also make you look beautiful without going to a hairstylist.
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Try to wash your hair as usual with a shampoo and condition it. Take a crimping iron with ridges which are close to create a tighter crimped look. Spritz a heat-protecting spray all over the hair and comb it through hair to distribute the spray evenly. The spray can also prevent damage to the hair that is caused by heat from styling tools. Next brush all of the hair at the back of your head and secure it using a fabric-covered elastic band. Start crimping the ponytail from top to bottom by placing it in between the crimping iron plates. Squeeze and then release the plates after 3-4 seconds. Crimp the hair below by sliding the crimping iron down. Continue crimping your hair until the complete ponytail gets a wavy look. At last spread a little amount of anti-frizz serum in your hands and distribute it all over the hair which will prevent the hair from getting frizzy.

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Creating Spikes In A Faux Hawk Hairstyle

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A faux hawk hairstyle can be the best choice for those wan to look different and one of its unique versions is creating spikes in it. In the present day, most of the women wear this style with any texture or length of hair to get a completely different look. In this hairstyle, there will be a faux hawk created in the middle of the head which will look spiky. You can also add a extra oomph by using more styling products before creating the spiky look.
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Begin your styling with the hair that is a day old as a freshly washed can be too slippery to style and if you have a long hair, brush it well to get rid of tangles. Spread a pea-size amount of pomade in your hand and apply it all over the hair. Adding pomade can give strong hold to the hair while creating a spiky definition all over. Comb the sides up toward to create a peak and run your flat palms on both side of the peak to get the shape. Take one inch sections of hair from the faux hawk to twist it between your fingers for creating sharps spikes. Continue to twist the faux hawk until you get the desired look and spritz all over the hair with a hairspray to get into the look. For long hair, create a ponytail with the rest of the hair that is hanging on the sides after the spiky faux hawk.

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