Straighten Your Hair With Lime And Coconut Milk

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Hair straightening is a simple technique that can be done at home without using any special methods and products. You can use coconut milk along with lime for making the hair straight and this is the best natural way to keep your hair straight for long time. It is also considered to be one of the best combinations to keep the hair relaxed. Just use this step to make the hair straight without any heating tools.
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First take one cup coconut milk in a bowl and mix one lime into it. If you are using two cup coconut milk, try to add two limes in it. After mixing it perfectly keep it in refrigerator overnight which will make it look thick like a cream. In the morning, try to spread this cream all over the hair as well as the scalp and cover it using a towel. Let the cream stay over your hair for at least an hour. Then take the towel out of your head and wash it as usual. You can use the same method of styling the hair on daily basis to keep the hair relaxed. Those who have naturally straight hair can also follow the same technique to keep the hair maintained straight in a perfect manner. You will be able to style the hair as per your desire once it gets straigtened naturally without getting the hair damaged.

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Taking Hairspray Out Of Your Wig

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Using hairspray on the wig to make it look beautiful can be the best way to prevent the flyaways from it. In case you have used the wrong hairspray on the wig or want to use the hairspray once again, try to take the already present spray out of the wig. You can stay away all these problems it style the wig with the styling products specially made for using on the wig. To remove the hairspray from the wig you must follow a particular method to prevent damage to it.
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Begin the process by combing your wig from its end and move towards the scalp area. Don’t brush the wig too much as you can damage them. Then take warm water in the sink and add normal shampoo in it. Once the shampoo gets mixed properly in the water, try to dip the wig into the water gently. Let the wig stay in the water for about 5 minutes and make sure to swish it gently inside the water. Take the wig out of the warm water and try to blot it using a normal towel which will make it dry. Keep the wig on the stand or in the place where it can hang to make it dry fully. In the morning you can style the wig as per your wish or try to wear it over the head as it is.

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Treating Hair With Sulfur Products

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Treating the hair with sulfur is known to be the best way to maintain the hair healthy. It is able to generate keratin that is normally required for the human body and it is also needed for your hair. The sulfur is capable of supporting the hair as well as scalp and it is available in most of the hair products.
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The sulfur is one of the main ingredients in shampoo that can easily remove the dandruff out of the scalp. You can use the shampoo that contains sulfur on the hair for washing at least once in a week. Another option is MSM conditioner that must be applied on the hair after the washing process and it can be useful in treating the damaged hair. The hair can become stronger as well as shiny if you condition it with a MSM hair conditioner. To do this you must take 1 tbsp MSM conditioner for mixing it with 2 tbsp distilled water and make it slightly warm. Then mix it with water-based hair conditioner for applying it over the hair. The final option is using sulfur over the scalp to prevent dandruff and help hair growth. To do this, take 6 tbsp extra virgin olive oil in a bowl and add 1 tsp MSM powder along with 8 tbsp coconut oil. Mix these products perfectly and leave it for about 2 days. After 48 hours, start applying it over the scalp for better response.

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Hairstyle With Curly Kinky Twists

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Curly kinky twists in your hair can give a unique look and it is also known to be very popular among most of the people all over the world. Most of the celebrities try this type of hairstyle to get an attractive look. This hairstyle also needs very less maintenance and it can be achieved at home.
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First cover your neck with a towel and then boil water in a bowl. Then take the kinky twists to create a ponytail and keep them wrapped with ponytail holder. Next take one section of hair and divide it into 5 kinky twists which will be wrapped with the rod starting from end of the twist. Keep the twist secured in the rod and use the same method on the remaining kinky twists. Now you must simply dip the kinky twists in the 5 rods inside the hot water. Once the twists are taken out of water keep it aside for drying. Then you must try to blot it using the towel to make it dry completely and remove the twists from the rod gently. You can use the same styling process on the remaining kinky twists that has been secured in the ponytail. Now all of your twists will look curled in a perfect way. Make sure that twists are dipped only in a hot water to achieve the style in a perfect way.

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Styling Hair With Feathered Layers

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Feathered layers can be achieved in your hair by cutting the hair at home than going to a hairstylist. You must maintain the in medium length to make the layers look good with your hairstyle. You can also create the layers with other types of hair that are short or medium. Try creating the layers in your hair using a sharp scissor.
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First create sections in the hair all over the head and use flat iron on each of them by just flipping the hair ends. This will help to enhance your look with the feathered layers. Make sure that your hair layers begin from cheek bone moving towards ends of your hair. You can create layers very few all over the head to give more attention to the hairstyle and if you want to create attractive layers try to create them in more numbers throughout the hair. In case you are not goo in handling the cutting process, get help from a hairstylist by going to a saloon. You can also make few simple adjustments to the hairstyle after achieving it in a perfect manner. The hairstylist will use razor haircutting technique for creating this hairstyle. Wash the hair completely and make sure it has been cut properly throughout the head. Don’t use any hairspray to mist the hair after the styling process as it can make the layers to fall flat over the head.

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Methods To Take Out Wrong Color From Hair

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Coloring hair with a wrong product can spoil your entire look. Most of the time while coloring the hair you will have a different color at time of coloring the hair and other color once it becomes completely dry. Here are few simple steps that can be followed to take the wrong color out of your hair without going to a hairstylist.
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First take four drops clarifying shampoo in a bowl and mix one tbsp baking soda. Then add one tbsp peroxide into the bowl and try to mix it fully. Mist the hair with warm water and start applying the mixing all over the hair from root to end. Then rinse the hair completely and apply the same mixture once again all over before rinsing the hair. Another option is using few drops lemon juice and massage it all over the hair using your hands. Rinse your hair again and add protein-restructuring hair conditioner throughout your hair using your fingers and use warm water for rinsing it out. You can also a leave-in hair conditioner on your hair which will make the hair moisturized which can easily take the wrong color out of the hair. Incase all these methods fail to bring back the actual color of your hair, consult a hair specialist as they can provide a professional support in removing the color out of the hair than trying it at home.

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Dealing With Flyaways In Straight Hair

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Flyaways can soil any type of hairstyle which must be taken care in a proper way to prevent hair damages. There are few things that can help to prevent flyaways in the hair which is mainly straight. The flyaways in a curly or wavy hair can be left on its own and the same is not possible with a straight hair. Just use the following technique to stay away from flyaways in a straight hair.
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The flyaways occur due to cold weather where the hair will become dry and sometimes flyaways can be seen if you fail to style the hair in a proper way. In case you going out during the cold season which makes the hair dry try to apply a small amount of hair oil all over which can help to maintain its original place for some time. The oil can help to moisturize your hair that can easily make the flyways maintain in its place. If you see the flyaways while styling the hair, try to use the hairstyling method in a proper way once again to get rid of the flyaways. There are different types of hairstyles that can help to prevent the flyaways in your hair. The flyaways in a straight doesn’t occur very easily and it can be treated very easily when compared to other types of hair. Try misting the hair with a spray before moving out of the home which can prevent the flyaways on temporary basis.

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Treating Yaki Hair At Home

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Yaki hair is one of the best wig that is suitable for those who have a black texture in their hair. This hair can give a natural look when compared to other wigs that are available in the store, because it is made of human hair. You must know the proper way to treat the yaki hair which can help to use it again and again for a long time. Most of the time yaki hair will look as though it has been premed and sometimes even straightened due to its texture.
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First you must wash the yaki hair with a shampoo that has been specially made for treating damaged hair. The best way to wash the yaki hair is placing it over the mannequin as you will be able to do it properly. Then apply an anti-frizz hair serum all over to make it fully smooth. Make the hair to dry on its own and avoid using other hairstyling tools such as flat iron as they can damage the yaki hair easily. Now comb the hair using a normal hair brush only when it becomes completely dry. Put only few strokes using the comb for brushing the hair and don’t over comb the hair as it can damage it permanently. Don’t use hairstyling products that contain mineral as they can spoil the yaki hair by removing the texture out of it.

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Taking Care Of Badly Permed Hair

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Getting a hair permed badly can spoil your look for time being and you can fix this at home with few simple styling products. It is important to fix this problem as soon as possible to prevent damage to the hair. In case the problem looks really bad get help from a hairstylist or you can just follow this simple styling technique.
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First look at your hair to see how bad the perm on your hair is. Then get deep conditioning treatment at home by using the conditioner on a wet hair. Let it stay on the hair for about five minutes and then rinse it normally. Next option is getting the hair trimmed that looks bad. The haircut will look short, but it is one of the best way to solve this problem. Don’t use hairstyling products such as blow dryer, curling iron and other heat styling tools as they can damage the hair further. You can trim the hair that looks curly at the end of your hair using scissors and make the hair smooth using the curling iron. The final option is washing the hair with conditioning shampoo before using the hair conditioner that has been recommended by the hair specialist. Apply a small amount of hairstyling products including mousse, hair gel and other styling products that are light on your hair. Avoid using harsh styling products after this process as it is not recommended.

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Styling Curly Hair With Finishing Product

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Finishing hair products are mostly used after creating a particular hairstyle. But you can also create the curly look in your hair with the help of these products without using other hair damaging tools. It is one of the best hair product that can add strength to the hair along with shine.
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First try to curl the hair using a normal curling iron if your hair doesn’t have the curly texture naturally. Try using the curling iron with medium heat and don’t keep the hair in this tool for a long time as it can cause serious damage to it. Then apply a wax all over the hair to add more hold into the hair and scrunch the entire hair. Now mist the hair with a spray and make sure that it has been applied in a proper way. Don’t use too much hairspray on the hair as it can make it look more weighed. You must mist the hair from underneath and try to scrunch the hair after that. By lifting the hair from bottom the hair will get more support while misting it with the hairspray and it can make the hairstyle stay in its original shape for a long time. The finishing hair products are normally applied on the hair after the styling process, but you can also use them in a perfect manner so the hair stays in proper condition.

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