Creating Hair Bun With Big Clips

big clip bun big clip bun2
Creating a bun with your hair can give a simple as well as great look depending upon the way you wear it. The hair bun is known to be a classic way of styling the hair and you can achieve it within few minutes. There are different hairstyling tools and accessories that can be used to style the bun, but to make it look attractive try to using a big hair clip. Hair clips are available in different shapes and make sure to select the right one for your hairstyle.
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big clip bun5 big clip bun6
The big hair clips can make the bun look very beautiful and also large. To use the big clip with hair bun, clean the hair a day before the styling process. Then take the entire hair at the back of the head to make a simple looking ponytail. Keep the ponytail in place using a holder and start twisting the ponytail around itself and use a big hair clip on the both side of the your bun to keep it in place. Use bobby pins to keep the strays in place that normally occur while creating the bun as the length of your hair will vary. You can make the stray hair to fall in fron of your hair only if required to make the hairstyle look natural. At last use a finishing hairspray top mist the entire hair to maintain it perfectly for a day.

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