Color Hair Using A Jello

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Jello is a food product that can also be used to color the hair to achieve a completely unique look. It is normally available as powder that can be mixed in a proper way for using it on the hair. Before using this product as a hair color try to purchase it from a store along with other items such as aluminum foil, shower cap, petroleum jelly and hair conditioner. This product can be used only on a light colored hair and if you are using it on the dark hair try to bleach it.
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First clean the entire hair as usual and spread the petroleum jelly near the hairline which will prevent the color from falling on to the skin. Take the jello in a bowl and mix it with a hair conditioner until it becomes creamy. Now place a cloth on the shoulders and wear hand gloves. Use your fingers to apply the hair conditioner all over the hair before keeping the shower on the head to cover the colored hair. Make sure to saturate each hair section with the aluminum foil if you are planning to create streaks in your hair. Let the colored hair to dry on its own for about one hour and you can also leave it for some more time to make the color stay on your hair for a longer time. Finally use normal water for rinsing the hair to end the styling process.

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