Steps To Wash Your Hair With White Vinegar

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White vinegar is one of the household product that can be used to clean the hair perfectly. It can be used to wash the hair naturally as it can easily take the residue out of the hair. This product can be used on your hair without consulting a hairstylist. Make sure to use the white vinegar that has been distilled properly for the hair washing.
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Begin the hair washing process by taking half tbsp white vinegar and mixing it with a cup of normal water. Then shake the bottle slowly so that the solution gets mixed in a proper way. Next dampen your entire hair with water before applying a shampoo. Try to massage the shampoo throughout your hair with the help of your hands and make sure it enters into the scalp. Now you can rinse the hair as usual and check the hair to see whether the shampoo still exists. Once the hair becomes clean take the solution in the bottle to mist the entire hair including the. Let the solution stay on the hair for about one minute before rinsing it once again. Make the hair to dry on its own and style it as per your desire. You can follow the same method of washing your hair on daily basis if required and if you feel any discomfort with the solution wash the hair once in a week.

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