Permanent Hair Rebonding Process At Home

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Hair rebonding is a process that is normally done by going to a saloon. This process involves chemicals that are used to make the hair straight. It is a permanent hair straightening process that can be used on any type of hair. You can also do this at home after purchasing the styling kit from a store and try to follow this simple styling technique.
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First use a standard shampoo to wash the hair and dry it using a normal blow dryer. Then make sections in the hair all over the head and brush each of them as usual before keeping them separated with clips. Now wear hand gloves and start using the relaxant from the kit all over the hair. Leave the relaxant on for about half an hour and use the hair steamer for about 15 minutes. The time for leaving the relaxant and steamer on your hair will depend on the condition as well as texture of your hair. Next rinse the hair and use the blow dryer once again over your hair. Now apply keratin lotion from the kit all over the hair and use the flat iron to make the hair straight. Start using the hair neutralizer on each section of your hair and leave it for about half an hour and then rinse the hair using cold water. Make your hair dry using the blow dryer and use the flat iron on the hair sections again.

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