Taking Food Color Out Of Your Hair

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Food color can be a perfect choice to be used on the hair to create streaks. It is a temporary way of coloring your hair that is mostly liked by teens. Try to follow a proper technique to apply the food color on your hair to prevent hair damages. In the same way you must also know the perfect method to take the food color out of your hair without damaging the hair. Avoid using a soap to wash the hair as it can make it look dry and using hair conditioner is very important.
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First take clarifying shampoo and mix it with five volume developer in a bottle which will be shaken to make the product mixed in a proper way. Then rinse your hair using warm water before applying a clarifying shampoo on the hair and leave it for about five minutes before rinsing the hair once again. Now wear hand gloves and start applying the mixture from the bottle all over the hair using your fingers and leave it on for about ten minutes. Use warm water for rinsing the hair and check the entire hair for left out colors. In case your food color on the hair in not washed completely follow the same technique once again. At last you can use a hair conditioner throughout the hair and leave it for just five minutes to get the hair rinsed. Now you can style the hair as per your wish.

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