Coloring Hair With Color Filler

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Color filler is useful in spreading the color evenly throughout the hair. It can also correct the hair that looks porous due to chlorine. This product is available in various colors such as red, yellow, blue and more. In case you are trying this product at home purchase a neutral shade which is known to make the hair color look same all over. Consult a hairstylist before using the color filler on your hair at home to know which one is the best for your hair type.
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To use the color filler properly, first buy neutral color filler from a beauty product store and make sure it is in neutral shade to match your hair color. Then clean the hair using warm water and shampoo. Avoid using a hair conditioner after washing the hair as it can prevent the hair fillers to enter into the hair shaft. Take the color filler in the hands and start spreading it all over the hair from root moving towards the hair shaft. Use the color filler at the end of the hair as it will look more porous when compared to the hair roots. Leave the color filler on your hair as per the time mentioned on the product which will be about 5-10 minutes only. Now apply the hair color just over your color filler without rinsing the hair and don’t take the filler out of the hair until the entire hair has been colored perfectly.

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