Treating Yaki Hair At Home

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Yaki hair is one of the best wig that is suitable for those who have a black texture in their hair. This hair can give a natural look when compared to other wigs that are available in the store, because it is made of human hair. You must know the proper way to treat the yaki hair which can help to use it again and again for a long time. Most of the time yaki hair will look as though it has been premed and sometimes even straightened due to its texture.
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First you must wash the yaki hair with a shampoo that has been specially made for treating damaged hair. The best way to wash the yaki hair is placing it over the mannequin as you will be able to do it properly. Then apply an anti-frizz hair serum all over to make it fully smooth. Make the hair to dry on its own and avoid using other hairstyling tools such as flat iron as they can damage the yaki hair easily. Now comb the hair using a normal hair brush only when it becomes completely dry. Put only few strokes using the comb for brushing the hair and don’t over comb the hair as it can damage it permanently. Don’t use hairstyling products that contain mineral as they can spoil the yaki hair by removing the texture out of it.

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