Taking Hairspray Out Of Your Wig

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Using hairspray on the wig to make it look beautiful can be the best way to prevent the flyaways from it. In case you have used the wrong hairspray on the wig or want to use the hairspray once again, try to take the already present spray out of the wig. You can stay away all these problems it style the wig with the styling products specially made for using on the wig. To remove the hairspray from the wig you must follow a particular method to prevent damage to it.
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Begin the process by combing your wig from its end and move towards the scalp area. Don’t brush the wig too much as you can damage them. Then take warm water in the sink and add normal shampoo in it. Once the shampoo gets mixed properly in the water, try to dip the wig into the water gently. Let the wig stay in the water for about 5 minutes and make sure to swish it gently inside the water. Take the wig out of the warm water and try to blot it using a normal towel which will make it dry. Keep the wig on the stand or in the place where it can hang to make it dry fully. In the morning you can style the wig as per your wish or try to wear it over the head as it is.

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