Using Short Hair To Create French Braid

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Most of them think having short hair is difficult to style in different ways, but with little effort you will be able to achieve beautiful looking hairstyle. You can also create a French braid with short hair by following these simple steps. You need to follow the standard braiding process to create the braid even with the short hair. Try to adding hair extensions to your short hair to create a long French braid.
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First make the hair slightly damp by misting it with water. Then comb the hair fully to make it free from frizz. Make about three sections in the hair from the temple on both the side of your head. Start making braids on your hair using the three sections just like creating a normal braid. Make sure to take the hair section at the middle for adding it further at the back of the head, This will make the braid to surround your head and make them stay in one place. Use hair bad to keep the braid secured in its place and try to stop the braid at the crown of your head. After creating the braid mist the entire hair with a spray to keep the flyaways down in the hairstyle. Avoid using hair accessories if you are applying hair extensions along with the short hair as they can come out of their place very easily.

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Coloring Hair With Color Filler

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Color filler is useful in spreading the color evenly throughout the hair. It can also correct the hair that looks porous due to chlorine. This product is available in various colors such as red, yellow, blue and more. In case you are trying this product at home purchase a neutral shade which is known to make the hair color look same all over. Consult a hairstylist before using the color filler on your hair at home to know which one is the best for your hair type.
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To use the color filler properly, first buy neutral color filler from a beauty product store and make sure it is in neutral shade to match your hair color. Then clean the hair using warm water and shampoo. Avoid using a hair conditioner after washing the hair as it can prevent the hair fillers to enter into the hair shaft. Take the color filler in the hands and start spreading it all over the hair from root moving towards the hair shaft. Use the color filler at the end of the hair as it will look more porous when compared to the hair roots. Leave the color filler on your hair as per the time mentioned on the product which will be about 5-10 minutes only. Now apply the hair color just over your color filler without rinsing the hair and don’t take the filler out of the hair until the entire hair has been colored perfectly.

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Straight Hairstyle With A Choppy End

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Straight choppy hair can give a completely edgy look on any type of hair. This hairstyle is mostly liked by those who want to create a unique look. Try to get help from a hairstylist to achieve this look because you must cut the hair. In case you are good at cutting the hair at home, just follow this simple method.
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As usual start the process after cleaning the hair using a standard shampoo. Starting the styling with hair a clean hair is very important in this process to achieve the hairstyle perfectly. Then take a half inch hair part in between forefinger and the middle finger to pull the hair straight on top. Use the scissors about vertically towards the end of your hair to create the V shape. Use the same method of cutting the hair all over the head by pulling out half inch hair section. Finally there will be hair in different lengths throughout your hair which must be used to create the choppy look. Now apply a texturizing hair gel all over the head using your fingers and mainly at the end of your hair. Then take half inch hair section at the end and try to twist it gently to achieve the choppy look. Do the same at the end of your hair throughout the head. Avoid cutting the hair again once the choppy look has been achieved.

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Using Milk To Clean Hair Follicles

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Keeping the hair follicles is very good for better hair growth and it can be done in different ways. One of the best method for treating the follicles is with the help of a milk. Using milk on the hair can make it look completely clean as the milk contains nutritional properties. Try to consult a hair specialist before getting the hair washed with milk even though it is known to be the best and safest way of cleaning the hair.
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Before starting the process, get a bottle of milk along with a spray bottle. First take milk in a spray bottle and try to mist it directly over the scalp. Then use the fingers to apply the milk all over the head. Make sure that the milk gets spread throughout the hair before proceeding with the next step. Try to massage the milk over the scalp using your fingers very gently and leave it for about half an hour. Now you can wash the hair using a normal shampoo and don’t forget to condition the hair. The hair will be cleaned fully now that can be styled as per your desire. There are also other methods that can be followed for washing the hair if you are not satisfied with the milk cleansing. But this is the best and natural way of cleaning the hair that can make it look new as well as fresh.

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Styling Hair With Satin Strands Extensions

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Satin strands extensions are known to be one of the best hair extensions that can be used to achieve thicker hair. It is one of such hair extensions that can be worn in different ways without getting it damaged. Here are two techniques that are widely used by most of the people for styling these extensions.
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First method is creating cornrow with the extensions closer to the scalp. Try to flip the head down after creating the cornrow to make a simple part and take the top hair section away from the remaining hair. Use the needle to sew in the extensions in the cornrow to start the sewing as per your desire. Once you complete the sewing method the natural hair will cover your cornrow. Make sure to take the clip out of the hair section and comb it straight out of the head using your fingers. Another option is bonding the extensions with the help of a weft. You must flip the head down to create a part and take the top section separately. Use glue to secure the extensions in place. You must keep the extensions over the hair root and press it firmly, so it can stay in its place for a long time. In this method also your natural hair will come over the hair extensions covering them perfectly. Always use your fingers to brush the hair satin strands extensions, so they can maintain their original structure.

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Making Short Hair To Grow Long Fast

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Growing out your short hair is not simple process and you must have lot of patience to achieve it. In most case the hair is known to grow only half inches long in a month, but you can only make the hair grow strong. There are no ways that you can speed up the hair growing process. Here are few things that can be done to make the hair growing process much easier.
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It is important to maintain the hair in a proper way so it stays healthy, so try using good conditioners that are suitable for your hair type. Stay away from styling tools such as irons, blow dryer and others that causes damage to your hair. Another option is going to hair specialist once in two months to cur the split ends to prevent hair breakage. There are hairstyling products such as headbands and other accessories that can be worn to prevent the short hair look. You can also wear a hat to cover the short looking hair. Try styling the short hair in such a way that is able to look beautiful. Look photos of celebrities with short hairstyles to change your hair in the same way. Try to follow a proper diet that must include vegetables, fruits and vitamins that can support hair growth. Consult a doctor to know which is the right diet to follow for your health and it can also maintain your growing hair perfectly.

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Taking Food Color Out Of Your Hair

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Food color can be a perfect choice to be used on the hair to create streaks. It is a temporary way of coloring your hair that is mostly liked by teens. Try to follow a proper technique to apply the food color on your hair to prevent hair damages. In the same way you must also know the perfect method to take the food color out of your hair without damaging the hair. Avoid using a soap to wash the hair as it can make it look dry and using hair conditioner is very important.
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food coloring hair5 food coloring hair6
First take clarifying shampoo and mix it with five volume developer in a bottle which will be shaken to make the product mixed in a proper way. Then rinse your hair using warm water before applying a clarifying shampoo on the hair and leave it for about five minutes before rinsing the hair once again. Now wear hand gloves and start applying the mixture from the bottle all over the hair using your fingers and leave it on for about ten minutes. Use warm water for rinsing the hair and check the entire hair for left out colors. In case your food color on the hair in not washed completely follow the same technique once again. At last you can use a hair conditioner throughout the hair and leave it for just five minutes to get the hair rinsed. Now you can style the hair as per your wish.

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Permanent Hair Rebonding Process At Home

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Hair rebonding is a process that is normally done by going to a saloon. This process involves chemicals that are used to make the hair straight. It is a permanent hair straightening process that can be used on any type of hair. You can also do this at home after purchasing the styling kit from a store and try to follow this simple styling technique.
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rebonding hair5 rebonding hair6
First use a standard shampoo to wash the hair and dry it using a normal blow dryer. Then make sections in the hair all over the head and brush each of them as usual before keeping them separated with clips. Now wear hand gloves and start using the relaxant from the kit all over the hair. Leave the relaxant on for about half an hour and use the hair steamer for about 15 minutes. The time for leaving the relaxant and steamer on your hair will depend on the condition as well as texture of your hair. Next rinse the hair and use the blow dryer once again over your hair. Now apply keratin lotion from the kit all over the hair and use the flat iron to make the hair straight. Start using the hair neutralizer on each section of your hair and leave it for about half an hour and then rinse the hair using cold water. Make your hair dry using the blow dryer and use the flat iron on the hair sections again.

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Steps To Wash Your Hair With White Vinegar

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White vinegar is one of the household product that can be used to clean the hair perfectly. It can be used to wash the hair naturally as it can easily take the residue out of the hair. This product can be used on your hair without consulting a hairstylist. Make sure to use the white vinegar that has been distilled properly for the hair washing.
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Begin the hair washing process by taking half tbsp white vinegar and mixing it with a cup of normal water. Then shake the bottle slowly so that the solution gets mixed in a proper way. Next dampen your entire hair with water before applying a shampoo. Try to massage the shampoo throughout your hair with the help of your hands and make sure it enters into the scalp. Now you can rinse the hair as usual and check the hair to see whether the shampoo still exists. Once the hair becomes clean take the solution in the bottle to mist the entire hair including the. Let the solution stay on the hair for about one minute before rinsing it once again. Make the hair to dry on its own and style it as per your desire. You can follow the same method of washing your hair on daily basis if required and if you feel any discomfort with the solution wash the hair once in a week.

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Wearing Stretchy Headbands On Your Hair

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Stretchy headbands can be worn along with various types of hairstyles. There is no need to follow any particular technique for using these headbands in your hair. If you are planning to make the hairstyle look beautiful with these stretchy headbands just use the following method. The stretchy headbands are available in different shapes, sizes as well as colors to match the hair.
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The stretchy headbands are also considered to be very traditional and they have been used by many people all over the world. You can wear the stretchy headbands before styling the hair or even after creating a particular hairstyle with your hair. Most of them will try to wrap these headbands over the head to make it look simple and this will also help to maintain the hairstyle in it place. Whenever you want to wear your entire hair up the stretchy headbands can be the perfect choice to do it. The headbands can also make the hair strands that come out of your hairstyle stay in their place and mainly people use it for this purpose. The headbands can be worn about two inches in the hair and it can give a beautiful look. The dancers who want to maintain their hair over the head can used the stretchy headbands. It is a perfect choice if you are participating in a sport to keep the hair away from your face.

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