Using Rollers To Create Feathered Short Hair

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Feathered short hair can be created using different hairstyling methods and one of the toll that can be used to achieve this look is rollers. Most of them normally use a standard hairstyling technique to create the feathered look, but you can use the following method to do the same. Normally people with medium to long hair will try this hairstyle, but you can also achieve this style with short hair.
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Begin the styling with an unwashed hair and brush the hair before moving further. Then take the top hair section and keep it separated using the ponytail holder. Next pull out one inch hair part near the bottom of your hair section and spread a little amount of gel. Use the medium roller to roll the hair straight up in the vertical position and do the same on the other hair section all over the head. Now you can take the top hair part that was secured earlier and pull out another medium hair section from this top hair part. Use small rollers on this hair section part by part and take the remaining hair section from top of the head and keep it in the vertical position on your small roller. Make the rollers to cool down on their own before taking them out and brush the hair sections using a round brush. Mist the hair to complete the hairstyling rolling process.

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Color Hair Using A Jello

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Jello is a food product that can also be used to color the hair to achieve a completely unique look. It is normally available as powder that can be mixed in a proper way for using it on the hair. Before using this product as a hair color try to purchase it from a store along with other items such as aluminum foil, shower cap, petroleum jelly and hair conditioner. This product can be used only on a light colored hair and if you are using it on the dark hair try to bleach it.
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First clean the entire hair as usual and spread the petroleum jelly near the hairline which will prevent the color from falling on to the skin. Take the jello in a bowl and mix it with a hair conditioner until it becomes creamy. Now place a cloth on the shoulders and wear hand gloves. Use your fingers to apply the hair conditioner all over the hair before keeping the shower on the head to cover the colored hair. Make sure to saturate each hair section with the aluminum foil if you are planning to create streaks in your hair. Let the colored hair to dry on its own for about one hour and you can also leave it for some more time to make the color stay on your hair for a longer time. Finally use normal water for rinsing the hair to end the styling process.

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Amber Heard With Veronica Lake Style

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Amber Heard is wearing a hairstyle like Veronica Lake that makes her look really amazing. This style will feature curls all over your head that will look long and it can be create with hair curlers by following this technique. Anyone having a medium or long hair will be able to create this look without getting support from a hair stylist.
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Start the process by just washing your hair and dry it using a normal towel. Spread a little amount of styling gel all over the hair and comb it through to get rid of tangles. Section off a small piece of hair from the front of your head and roll it onto the first curler. Start rolling the hair carefully until you reach the head and secure it with a bobby pin. Next section off another small portion of the hair behind the first roller and continue the sectioning until all of the hair is in curlers. Now your hair should be rolled away from the face on top of the head and your hair should be rolled downward on the sides of the head. Leave the hair on the rollers for few hours and use a silk scarf to secure the curlers. After the hair becomes completely dry, spritz a little amount of hairspray all over the hair to get more hold. Remove the curlers gently without damaging the hair and run your fingers through the hair to create a tousled look.

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Steps To Achieve Dreaded Hair Updo

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Dreaded hair updo is a hairstyle that can look unique on everyone who wears it. This style can be very difficult to achieve for most of the women, but it be left without any styling for a long time. It can also give an exciting experience for those who are planning to change their look. Make sure to get help from a friend while creating this style at home as it may reduce the time and effort. Here is a simple way to achieve this hairstyle.
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To begin, try to wash the hair and leave it to dry naturally. Then part the hair into different sections and secure them individually using a rubber band. Wrap the hair around a rat-tail comb to create twists by taking two strands of hair. Start rolling each section of hair in between the palms of your hands to make the dreads look polished after twisting them. While twisting each section of the hair add a little amount of wax. You have to wait for few months to develop locks. Once the dreadlocks have grown long enough spread a generous amount of hair gel and hairspray to sculpt some of the dreads. You can also make even more intricate version of this look with colored hair extensions and also dreading them as well.

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Creating Hair Bun With Big Clips

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Creating a bun with your hair can give a simple as well as great look depending upon the way you wear it. The hair bun is known to be a classic way of styling the hair and you can achieve it within few minutes. There are different hairstyling tools and accessories that can be used to style the bun, but to make it look attractive try to using a big hair clip. Hair clips are available in different shapes and make sure to select the right one for your hairstyle.
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The big hair clips can make the bun look very beautiful and also large. To use the big clip with hair bun, clean the hair a day before the styling process. Then take the entire hair at the back of the head to make a simple looking ponytail. Keep the ponytail in place using a holder and start twisting the ponytail around itself and use a big hair clip on the both side of the your bun to keep it in place. Use bobby pins to keep the strays in place that normally occur while creating the bun as the length of your hair will vary. You can make the stray hair to fall in fron of your hair only if required to make the hairstyle look natural. At last use a finishing hairspray top mist the entire hair to maintain it perfectly for a day.

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Methods To Use Foam Sponge Hair Rollers

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Foam sponge hair rollers are the suitable styling tools that can be used on straight as well as other types of hair. It is less expensive when compared to other hair rollers and you can also easily find them. Try to use these rollers in a proper way so your hair looks beautiful. The foam sponge hair rollers can be used on the hair only for few times and it start will start to break very soon.
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To style the hair with foam sponge hair rollers, clean the hair and make it dry fully. Then create four different parts in your hair and secure them with clips. Now take the rollers for keeping it on the hair and roll it towards the end of the hair from under. Do the same on the remaining hair sections and leave the rollers on your hair for a long time. You can also go to bed in the night with the rollers on your hair to achieve best results. Before going to sleep try to cover the hair with satin bonnet which will helpful in maintaining the rollers in its place properly. In the morning when your are taking the rollers out of the hair avoid putting too much pressure and comb them with your fingers only. Finish the styling after misting the hair sections with a spray which will keep the hairstyle in place.

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Treating Your Hair With Coconut Milk

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Coconut milk can be used for different purpose, but it is also good for hair growth. It is known to have high protein, iron as well as essential fats that are required for hair growth. To use the coconut milk in a proper way, just use the following method. If you have any doubt on your hair loss, try to consult a hairstylist before proceeding with the natural treatment. Make sure that your hair starts to grow or getting strong before continuing with the coconut milk treatment.
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Products that have too much of protein can help hair growth and products with iron can also prevent hair from falling. Try to consume too much of coconut milk as it can support hair growth and also maintain it in a perfect way. If you spread the coconut milk on the hair, it can be useful in treating the hair from underneath. Coconut milk can be used on your hair at least one time in a week if you are facing serious hair fall. Another option is taking the milk from coconut in a bowl and apply it on your hair for about 2 hours before cleaning the entire hair using a shampoo. Other option that can be followed along with the coconut milk is mixing tulsi to make the hair strong. You can mix aloe vera with the coconut milk for applying it on the hair.

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Styling Your Hair Using Shoelaces

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Using shoelaces for styling the hair is the simplest method that can be done without any help by sitting at home. There are different ways that can be followed for using the shoelace for styling the hair. The shoelaces are mostly used while creating the braid to make it look more beautiful. If possible you can also include the shoelace along with other hairstyles to create a unique look.
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First make two parts in your hair that will be used for the braid. Next take the shoelace that must be cut into half. Then pull out top part of your hair along with the shoelace to begin the braiding process. You can braid the hair as per your wish and the shoelace can look good with the French braid. After creating the braid, take the hair section along with shoelace for folding it just over and take top part of your hair for adding it along with left strand to fold it on top of the hair section. The shoelace must be placed on top of the hair parts which will be used to create the braid. Continue the braiding process till the end of your hair using the shoelace and do the same on the other side of the head. Make sure to secure the shoelace perfectly along with braid and try to cut the braid ends or tie it like a headband.

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