Steps To Clean The Wig Properly

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Maintaining the wig is a very important process and it not like natural hair. There will be frizz in your wig if you fail to treat it in a proper way. Most of the time, the wig will start to look bad after your wash it. So always try to clean the wig with proper methods to keep it without damaging. You must need a wig shampoo and hair conditioner to do this process at home.
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Start the wig cleaning after brushing it properly from top to end to remove the tangles. Then take cold water in a tub and add one tbsp wig shampoo into it. Try to keep the wig inside the tub by using your hands and swirl it for some time. Let the wig stay in the water for at least ten minutes after you twirl it. Now take the wig out of the water and rinse it normally. Take another tub of cold water and keep the wig once again into it and swirl it for the second time in the same way as you did before. Keep the wig in water for five minutes and then pull it out of the water. Now take a tub of water and mix one tbsp hair conditioner. Keep the wig in this water as you did earlier and swirl it again for the final time before drying the wig.

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Hairstyle With Short Jheri Curls

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Having short jheri curls in your hair can give a really amazing look. This hairstyle was very much popular during the 1980s as it was worn by most of the celebrities. It is one of the non maintenance hairstyle that can be created using a jheri curl styling kit.
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Comb the hair to create four parts and apply a little amount of hair softening cream available in the styling kit. Let the cream to stay on the hair for the time mentioned on the kit and rinse it from your hair using warm water. Now wash the hair normally using neutralizing shampoo and roll the hair in perm rods. Take the permanent wave product from the kit and use it on the hair rolled in the perm rods. Make sure mist the permanent wave spray all over the hair on the rod and cover it using shower cap for about half an hour. Now get the hair rinsed to remove the permanent wave product and use the neutralizing solution on the hair in the rod. Leave it for about five minutes and use warm water for rinsing the hair again. Make the hair to dry using a towel and take it out of perm rods. Start spreading curl activator from the kit all over the hair using your hands and mist it with curl moisturizer. Brush the curls using wide tooth comb to set the hairstyle.

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Applying Gold Blonde Color On Gray Hair

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Achieving gold blonde hair can make it look completely beautiful and unique. The gold blonde can also give a youthful look if you are changing the gray looking hair. There are few things that can be done to get this hair color at home than visiting a saloon.
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First purchase a hair color in golden blond from beauty product supply stores and use the swatches to choose the best color for your hair. Wear gloves in your hand and start mixing the hair color in a bowl along with thirty volume developer by following the instructions on the box. Create sections in your hair by making a simple center part over the head and secure each of them with a clip. Now take the first hair section for applying the color over it from top to end. Stay away from your scalp while applying the hair color and make sure the hair section gets saturated fully with the color. Use this technique on the remaining hair sections secure each of them separately using the clip. The color on your hair must be left without rinsing for the time mentioned on the box as the gray hair will consume more time to hold the color. Then rinse the color from your hair using warm water and apply a shampoo for washing it. You must also use a hair conditioner on regular basis to maintain the color for longer time.

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Steps To Remove Brylcreem Product From Hair

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Brylcreem is a hairstyling product that is used by most of the people all over the world. It is the known to one of the best product for styling the hair for both men and women. Brylcreem products are available in different ranges such as hair gels, creams and more. You can face few problems such as product buildup while using these products on regular basis which can make the hair look completely dull. There is no need to get any special treatment for treating the buildup caused by the Brylcreem products, but you must know the best way to get rid of it.
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First use purifying shampoo for washing the hair as it can help to remove product buildup caused by most of the hairstyling products. Just rinse the hair using lukewarm water for removing the shampoo out of your hair after leaving it on for minimum of 5 minutes. Next step is to apply oil-free hair conditioner all over your hair and don’t use it on the scalp. Rinse the hair once again after leaving the conditioner on for about 2 minutes. Now take apple cider vinegar of 1 tbsp and mix it with a glass of water for applying the mixture over the hair. Then rinse the hair again using cold water to end the process. Now the hair will start to look shiny and make it dry naturally.

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Curling Hair With Hot Air Brush

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Hot air brush can be used on any type of hair and it is also used by people to curl their hair. You can use just one hand for styling the hair with this tool when compared to other hairstyling methods. Anyone can purchase a standard thermal hairstyling brush for curling their hair without going to a hair specialist.
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The hot air brush is a perfect solution to curl the hair without using the blow dryer and round brush. It is much easier to use at home with your single hand. Before starting the styling apply a gel on the hair and maintain the hair slightly damp. Then take the hot air brush with medium heat setting for using it on the hair. Try to use the hot air brush on the hair strands very gently and if you are doing this for the first time try to use it with low heat to prevent hair damage. Cur the hair with the hot air brush just curling it with other hairstyling tools. Once the section of hair becomes curly, do the same with other strands of your hair. You can also add more volume into the hair along with body with this single styling tool. Don’t keep the tool on your hair with high heat as it can cause serious damage to the hair and avoid using it more than once on your hair.

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Using Flat Iron To Achieve Barrel Curls

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Barrel curls can be created with different types of hairstyling tools, but the same can be done with a flat iron. Most of the people will use the flat iron only to make their hair straight, but it can also be used to achieve beautiful curls. You must use a particular technique to get the curls in your hair using the flat iron. Purchase a ceramic flat iron for using it over the hair as it can cause very less damage.
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Begin the styling after combing the hair fully to make it free from tangles. Then take heat-protective hair serum to apply over the hair and take the flat iron with medium heat setting. Pull out a small section of the hair about one inch from the hair root and move towards the hair ends. Before sliding your flat iron on the hair, try to twist the hand with the iron very gently and move the flat iron at the end of your hair. Once the hair comes out of the flat iron, it must look like the barrel curl. Make sure to slide the iron as soon as possible in the hair which can give a fully natural looking barrel curls. If you are planning to create tight barrel curls, slide the flat iron slowly. Continue the same method on the remaining section of hair all over the head to create the curls.

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Wig Cap And Sewing Tracks

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Sew tracks can be used on any type of hair with the help of a wig cap. This is the best way to create wigs at home than purchasing a ready-made wig. You can use the following method to sew the tracks to the wig cap and use it over the hair with short hair. Try to purchase the thing that is required to do this method at home such as weaving needle, wig cap and more.
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First take the wig cap and keep it over the head before starting the sewing process. Now take weaving needle to sew it across over the top section of your hair. Then place head block in between the thighs and insert it from inside your wig cap towards upward to hook about 2 hair strands in the needle. Next pull your hair through wig cap and apply slight pressure on the needle. Make the hair to slide through the fingers using your hand and push about half inch of needle inside the hair in your hand. Try to wrap your hair around the end of your needle and push ventilator tool like counterclockwise along with the fingers by pulling your hair inside the loop. At last pull your hair at the end to create a knot. Now you can wear this over the head without any problem than styling the natural hair with styling products.

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Highlighting Hair With White Streaks

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Highlighting hair with white streaks can give your hairstyle a completely unique look. Make sure to use the right hair product for adding the white streaks over the hair strands to prevent any hair damage. You can either add permanent or temporary streaks on your hair depending upon your desire. You can use the bleaching product for coloring the hair permanently and for temporary colors you can use white gel.
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Decide about the color that you are going to use for highlighting your hair and consult a hairstylist if you are doing this for the first time. Start the highlighting process with a clean hair and make sure that the hair is fully dry. Then divide the hair with sections or you can style the hair as per your wish. Take the foil for covering the hair that will not used for the highlighting process. Wear gloves in your hair and cover the shoulder with an old cloth. Next use a normal hair coloring brush for applying the color over the hair strands. Stay away from your scalp as it can spoil your entire look. After covering the hair strands properly with white color, leave it on for about 30 minutes and once the color gets dry gently take the foil out of the remaining hair strands. To remove the color from your hair, try to wash it with a normal shampoo.

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Steroids And Hair Loss

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Hair loss can occur due various reasons and one of the reasons can also be change in your daily diet. Most of the people use steroids for some reason that can also lead to hair loss as it can increase the stimulation of DHT that can reduce the nutrients as well as proteins required for hair growth. One of the main reasons for hair loss is known to be hormonal changes and the steroids can be a reason behind them.
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If you are facing hair loss due to steroids, try to stay away from it as soon as possible. There are various steroids that can cause hair loss due to high DHT levels and the hair loss can be one of the side effects caused by the steroids. Even though some of the steroids are not known to cause any side effects such as hair loss, it is important to consult a hair specialist. Apart from hair loss, the steroids can also cause serious problems. It is important to consult a doctor before taking any of the steroids available in the market. Your hair follicles will start to reduce when the intake of proteins as well as nutrients are reduced due to the consumption of steroids. The hair will become thin in the beginning and start to fall when this happens. Always have some knowledge about the steroids you are planning to use to prevent any side effects.

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Using Olive Oil For Treating Nappy Hair

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Those who have a nappy hair must face lot of problems while styling it in different ways. There are various things that can help to make the nappy hair soft ad one of the best product is the olive oil. This method is normally followed by most of the people all over the world with the nappy hair.
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As usual start with a clean hair and don’t use a hair conditioner. Then make section in the hair and keep them separated with hair bands. Now take hair conditioner of one cup and mix it with olive oil of 1/4 cup. Start applying the mixture over the separated hair section from top end and leave the hair to dry for few minutes. Then cover the hair with food wrap and wrap the steaming towel just over it. Leave it for half an hour and then gently take it out of your head. Now wash the hair to remove the mixture using warm water and apply a little amount of the olive oil all over the hair from root to end with the help of your hands. Next use a blow dryer to make the hair dry before you start the hairstyling process. Try to wrap the head with silk scarf before going to bed in the night to prevent the hair from turning into its actual shape as you must follow the same method again to make it right.

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