Hairstyle With Skinny Highlights

skinny highlights skinny highlights2
Skinny highlights on the hair can give simple and beautiful look on any type of hair. There are few celebrities who style their hair in this way. This type of hairstyle can be achieved by going to a saloon and if you are god at applying color on your own it can be done at home. This highlighting method can be a perfect choice for those who have lengthy hair. Always do the hair strand test before using any type of color on the hair.
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In this hairstyle, make sure that your base color is dark blond and the highlights must be a level lighter when compared to the base color to make the hairstyle look best. First purchase the color that will be used for highlighting the hair. Then read the instructions carefully before using the color on your hair and also do the strand test. Next divide your hair section that will be used for the coloring process and secure the remaining hair away from the separated section. You can use foil method or other techniques for spreading the color on the hair section. Make the hair to dry on its own or you can also use the hair dryer to make the color dry on the hair. The hair color can stay on the hair depending upon the product you are using and it will become dull during each hair wash.

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