Coloring Hair Using Mascara

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Hair mascara is available in different color options and it is mostly used to create temporary highlights in the hair. You can easily remove the mascara color from your hair without using any special products. Here is a simple step to color the hair with mascara. You can apply the mascara on your hair without getting a support from anyone. Try to sit in front of the mirror during the styling process to make sure that the hair sections have been colored evenly.
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Start with a fully combed and clean hair which is very important while applying the mascara. Make sure that your hair is free of flyaways and it must flow freely without any tangles before styling the hair. Then keep the hair as you wish and divide the section that will be used for applying the mascara. Try to apply the mascara over your hair section from its root and move towards the end. You can use the mascara more than 1 time if the color achieved is not good. Avoid using the mascara too much on the hair as it can create spiky hair. Use more than two colors on the hair sections depending upon your choice.  But make sure that the color used on each hair section has the same width. Continue to add mascara on the hair section very gently until all of them have been highlighted.

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