Dealing With Gray Roots In Your Hair

gray hair roots gray hair roots2
Having gray hair toots can be disturbing as it can make your hairstyle look really bad. Most of the people will go to a saloon to color their hair to cover the gray roots, but it can also damage the hair slightly due to chemicals present in the hair coloring product. There are also other ways that can help to cover the gray roots without using any type of coloring product, but they can look good only on certain hair types.
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The first option would be the comb over technique that can be done if you have more gray hair on one side of the head. You must just comb the entire hair that has less gray color over the other side which has more gray hair for covering it perfectly. This method can be suitable for those who have long hair only. You can use hairstyling accessories such as a clip to keep the combed hair secured in place. Another option is coloring the hair with natural products such as mascara and even brow pencils as they are known to be less harmful to the hair. Try to wear a scarf over the head to cover too much visible gray roots and even hats can be helpful in covering the gray hair perfectly. You can also experiment with your hair by wearing scarf and hat without undergoing any hair coloring process.

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