Highlighting Hair With White Streaks

white hair streak white hair streak2
Highlighting hair with white streaks can give your hairstyle a completely unique look. Make sure to use the right hair product for adding the white streaks over the hair strands to prevent any hair damage. You can either add permanent or temporary streaks on your hair depending upon your desire. You can use the bleaching product for coloring the hair permanently and for temporary colors you can use white gel.
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Decide about the color that you are going to use for highlighting your hair and consult a hairstylist if you are doing this for the first time. Start the highlighting process with a clean hair and make sure that the hair is fully dry. Then divide the hair with sections or you can style the hair as per your wish. Take the foil for covering the hair that will not used for the highlighting process. Wear gloves in your hair and cover the shoulder with an old cloth. Next use a normal hair coloring brush for applying the color over the hair strands. Stay away from your scalp as it can spoil your entire look. After covering the hair strands properly with white color, leave it on for about 30 minutes and once the color gets dry gently take the foil out of the remaining hair strands. To remove the color from your hair, try to wash it with a normal shampoo.

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