Wig Cap And Sewing Tracks

sew tracks sew tracks2
Sew tracks can be used on any type of hair with the help of a wig cap. This is the best way to create wigs at home than purchasing a ready-made wig. You can use the following method to sew the tracks to the wig cap and use it over the hair with short hair. Try to purchase the thing that is required to do this method at home such as weaving needle, wig cap and more.
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First take the wig cap and keep it over the head before starting the sewing process. Now take weaving needle to sew it across over the top section of your hair. Then place head block in between the thighs and insert it from inside your wig cap towards upward to hook about 2 hair strands in the needle. Next pull your hair through wig cap and apply slight pressure on the needle. Make the hair to slide through the fingers using your hand and push about half inch of needle inside the hair in your hand. Try to wrap your hair around the end of your needle and push ventilator tool like counterclockwise along with the fingers by pulling your hair inside the loop. At last pull your hair at the end to create a knot. Now you can wear this over the head without any problem than styling the natural hair with styling products.

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