Using Flat Iron To Achieve Barrel Curls

barrel hair curls barrel hair curls2
Barrel curls can be created with different types of hairstyling tools, but the same can be done with a flat iron. Most of the people will use the flat iron only to make their hair straight, but it can also be used to achieve beautiful curls. You must use a particular technique to get the curls in your hair using the flat iron. Purchase a ceramic flat iron for using it over the hair as it can cause very less damage.
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Begin the styling after combing the hair fully to make it free from tangles. Then take heat-protective hair serum to apply over the hair and take the flat iron with medium heat setting. Pull out a small section of the hair about one inch from the hair root and move towards the hair ends. Before sliding your flat iron on the hair, try to twist the hand with the iron very gently and move the flat iron at the end of your hair. Once the hair comes out of the flat iron, it must look like the barrel curl. Make sure to slide the iron as soon as possible in the hair which can give a fully natural looking barrel curls. If you are planning to create tight barrel curls, slide the flat iron slowly. Continue the same method on the remaining section of hair all over the head to create the curls.

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