Applying Gold Blonde Color On Gray Hair

gold blonde hair gold blonde hair2
Achieving gold blonde hair can make it look completely beautiful and unique. The gold blonde can also give a youthful look if you are changing the gray looking hair. There are few things that can be done to get this hair color at home than visiting a saloon.
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First purchase a hair color in golden blond from beauty product supply stores and use the swatches to choose the best color for your hair. Wear gloves in your hand and start mixing the hair color in a bowl along with thirty volume developer by following the instructions on the box. Create sections in your hair by making a simple center part over the head and secure each of them with a clip. Now take the first hair section for applying the color over it from top to end. Stay away from your scalp while applying the hair color and make sure the hair section gets saturated fully with the color. Use this technique on the remaining hair sections secure each of them separately using the clip. The color on your hair must be left without rinsing for the time mentioned on the box as the gray hair will consume more time to hold the color. Then rinse the color from your hair using warm water and apply a shampoo for washing it. You must also use a hair conditioner on regular basis to maintain the color for longer time.

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