Volumizing Bump Hairstyle

volumizing bump volumizing bump2
Volumizing bump is a perfect hairstyle that can be created on any type of hair. You must follow a particular technique to achieve this hairstyle along with the right hairstyling tools. There is no need to go to a hair specialist to create this beautiful hairstyle. You can also use the normal hairstyling method along with few styling products to get this style done at home. While brushing the hair, don’t put too much pressure as it can cause damage.
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First comb the hair to increase the volume and backcomb the entire hair from the root. Take a small section of hair to comb and try to press it down very gently without putting too much pressure on the hair. Try to add this section with the other section of hair to increase the structure in your hair. Don’t brush the hair too much as it can make it look thick and spoil your look. Try to pull the hair in front of the head to create the bump and creating the same look on top of the head can be slightly difficult. You can mist the hair with a spray during this process which can give more support to the hairstyle. Try to make the hair ends smooth by brushing them with a normal comb and after creating the bump over the head, use the hairspray once again to keep the hairstyle intact.

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Dealing With Gray Roots In Your Hair

gray hair roots gray hair roots2
Having gray hair toots can be disturbing as it can make your hairstyle look really bad. Most of the people will go to a saloon to color their hair to cover the gray roots, but it can also damage the hair slightly due to chemicals present in the hair coloring product. There are also other ways that can help to cover the gray roots without using any type of coloring product, but they can look good only on certain hair types.
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gray hair roots5 gray hair roots6
The first option would be the comb over technique that can be done if you have more gray hair on one side of the head. You must just comb the entire hair that has less gray color over the other side which has more gray hair for covering it perfectly. This method can be suitable for those who have long hair only. You can use hairstyling accessories such as a clip to keep the combed hair secured in place. Another option is coloring the hair with natural products such as mascara and even brow pencils as they are known to be less harmful to the hair. Try to wear a scarf over the head to cover too much visible gray roots and even hats can be helpful in covering the gray hair perfectly. You can also experiment with your hair by wearing scarf and hat without undergoing any hair coloring process.

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Twisting Bangs Technique

twisting bangs twisting bangs2
Twisting bangs is a simple method that can be used to create the bangs in your hair. There are various types of styling techniques that are normally used to create bangs, but this one can be done by anyone. Make sure you are good at cutting the hair before beginning the styling process. You will be able to create only short bangs with the help of this technique and in case you are looking to achieve long bangs try to get some help from a hairstylist.
twisting bangs3 twisting bangs4

twisting bangs5 twisting bangs6
Make sure to wash the hair before starting the process and try to make it completely dry. Then create a simple part in front of your head which will be sued for cutting and take the left out hair behind the head to make a ponytail. Comb your hair which is loose from the ponytail and start twisting them using the round brush if your hair is curly. Those who have straight hair must use flat brush for twisting the hair. You must twist the hair just few times and don’t put too much pressure. Now cut the bangs using a scissor and with the help of your fingers. Don’t worry on case your hair becomes straight during this process as it can be twisted once again at last. After this you can just shake the bangs with your fingers and texturize the hair ends using the scissor if required.

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Removing Calcium Buildup From Hair

calcium buildup hair calcium buildup hair2
Having calcium buildup in hair can make it look weak and this happens when your style the hair with hair relaxing product. The calcium buildup from the relaxers can cause buildup as well as skin problems if not treated properly. Never leave your hair with calcium buildup as it can damage the hair more. Here are few steps that can help you to resolve the calcium buildup from hair without getting your hair damaged. There is no need to use any special tools for treating the calcium buildup on your hair as you can do it with household products.
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calcium buildup hair5 calcium buildup hair6
First take apple cider vinegar with one part measure and mix it with four parts of water. Once the apple cider vinegar is mixed perfect with water, then mix olive oil in it. Now prepare yourself by wearing hand gloves and wrapping the head with a cloth to prevent the mixture from entering into the eyes. Next use the mixture over the hair gently and make sure to spread it throughout the hair. Try to rinse the hair completely and use leave-in conditioner to apply it over the hair with your fingers. The apple cider vinegar can make the hair look dry, so it is important to apply a little amount of hair conditioner. There are other products that can be purchase from a store for treating the hair with too much calcium, but this method can be safest.

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Making Your Hair Free From Build-up

build-up hair build-up hair2
Having too much of build-up in your hair can give a hard time. The build-up in hair can occur due to various reasons such as hair conditioning, shampoo washing and more. Most of the people experience this problem while styling the hair with hair products and even with natural oils. The build-up on hair can make the hairstyling process difficult for any type of hair. To make the hair free from build-up naturally without using any chemicals, you must use the following method.
build-up hair3 build-up hair4

build-up hair5 build-up hair6
First make the hair wet using warm water and apply clarifying shampoo all over your hair. Try to create lather in the hair using your hands from top to end by gently massaging the shampoo. You can also scrunch the hair to make it free from the build-up that causes flakes. Now rinse the hair using same warm water to remove the shampoo completely. Next take one cup warm water and mix one cup apple cider vinegar into it. Apply this mixture over the hair just like rinsing the hair. Then rinse the hair again to remove the apple cider vinegar which can be useful in removing the remaining buildup from your hair. Try to dry the hair using a normal towel without putting more pressure with your hands. Don’t use other styling products that are known to remove the build-up from hair as they can damage the hair.

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Using Thermal Rollers To Create Curly Hairstyle

thermal rollers hair thermal rollers hair2
Thermal rollers are one of the best hairstyling tools that can be used to achieve beautiful curly hairstyle. There are other hairstyling tools that can be used to create curls in your hair, but you can use the thermal rollers to curl the hair as well as add more volume in it. Anyone can purchase these thermal rollers from a beauty product store with affordable price. You can also use the same rollers to make your hair straight.
thermal rollers hair3 thermal rollers hair4

thermal rollers hair5 thermal rollers hair6
After washing the hair and conditioning it as usual, try to make it dry using a blow dryer. You can either start the styling process with a fully dry hair and even with a slight damp hair which can add more bounce into the hairstyle. Then take the thermal rollers with the right size for using it over your hair. You can create tighter curls with smaller rollers and big curls using for large rollers. To achieve soft curls in your hair, try to use these rollers horizontally over your head and mist it with a spray. Next use the hair dryer with medium heat and then take the rollers out of your hair section by gently taking them out using your hands. Make the hair to fall on its own to give a natural look to your hairstyle. At last use a hairspray to spritz the entire curls to make it look shiny.

thermal rollers hair7 thermal rollers hair8

Parted Faux Bob

parted faux bob parted faux bob2
Parted faux bob is a hairstyle that can be achieved after getting a proper bob haircut by going to a hairstylist. You can style the hair in this way with the help of a roller. It can also add more volume into your hair when you use it along with hooded dryer. Try to cut the hair like a normal bob which can be styled at home as per your desire and don’t use too much heat on the hair while drying.
parted faux bob3 parted faux bob4

parted faux bob5 parted faux bob6
As usual begin the process with a shampoo washed hair and don’t forget to use a hair conditioner. Then apply setting gel on the hair from top to bottom and comb it using wide-toothed brush. Go through the hair to look for any tangles which must be removed by combing. Next part the hair at one side of the head and take one section of hair for using it in the roller. Try to roll your hair from its end and move towards your head scalp. Use the same method on the other hair sections and secure the roller using the clip. Now use the hooded dryer for drying your hair for about half an hour with medium setting. The hair drying process will vary depending upon the length of your hair and be patience during the drying process. Make sure that your hair has been dried completely before styling it normally.

parted faux bob7 parted faux bob8

Taking Demi-Permanent Color Out Of Your Hair

demi-permanent color demi-permanent color2
Demi-permanent color is used to make the hair look dark and it is not possible to lighten your hair using this color. It is known to cause very less damage to the hair. These types of hair colors normally stay on hair for about 6 weeks before fading away from hair slowly. In case you want to remove the demi-permanent color out of your hair, just follow these simple techniques.
demi-permanent color3 demi-permanent color4

demi-permanent color5 demi-permanent color6
Always wash the hair with clarifying shampoo which can help to take the excessive molecules in the color out of your hair. This can also help to make the hair color look light very soon. Another option is using color remover to take the demi-permanent color out and you can purchase this product from a store or consult a hairstylist. Try to divide the hair into sections and brush them properly before getting this treatment for removing hair color. Try to do a strand test with the color remover before using it on the colored hair. Follow the instructions on the package without fail during the styling process. After using the color remover on the hair try to wash it using a normal shampoo. If you find any orange color on your hair after the process, try to use lighter demi-permanent hair color to cover it perfectly. At last wash the hair with standard shampoo before conditioning it with suitable hair conditioner.

demi-permanent color7 demi-permanent color8

Black Relaxed Hair

black relaxed hair black relaxed hair2
Black hair is very easy to care with proper steps. But you must make sure that it is healthy before applying the styling products. Making the black hair to relax involves various styling methods and you must select the best one for your hair type. After the relaxing process, your hair may become weak so use natural styling products such as conditioners to make it healthy.
black relaxed hair3 black relaxed hair4

black relaxed hair5 black relaxed hair6
Before starting the process try to decide about the straightening process that you are going to use on the hair. You can also consult a hairstylist about making the hair straight. The hair straightening process normally depends on the hair type and each hair needs different types of relaxing method. Most of the people try to use home relaxing tools that can be used only on a black hair for relaxing purpose. Before using any of the styling products try to read the details mentioned on the product about using it in the right way. Always start the relaxing process when the hair is dry after creating sections. Try to apply a hair conditioner once the hair has been relaxed completely and it can make the hair to weigh down to give it a fully straightened look. Once the hair undergoes the relaxing process you must put extra effort to make it stay in the same way for a long time without getting the hair damaged.

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Taking Gelatin Out Of Your Hair

gelatin hair gelatin hair2
Gelatin is mostly used on the hair by swimmers as it helps to keep the hair in place. But taking the gelatin out of your hair can be a very difficult process. Instead of going to a hairstylist, you can remove the gelatin at home with the help of vinegar as it features natural acids. Another product that can be used for removing the gelatin from hair is pineapple juice. Same technique is used with the vinegar and pineapple juice for removing gelatin out of the hair.
gelatin hair3 gelatin hair4

gelatin hair5 gelatin hair6
As usual first brush the hair using your fingers and pour vinegar all over from to bottom of your hair. Try to saturate the entire hair with vinegar and brush the hair with fingers to reach the roots. Just massage the vinegar into the hair using your fingers by moving from root the hair and hair ends for around 2 minutes. Now use hot water for rinsing the hair and brush the hair with your fingers during this process. Make sure that the vinegar has been rinsed completely out of the hair and then go through the hair to look for any gelatin remains. You can just follow the same process once again in case the gelatin is still left on your hair. Try the same method by using the pineapple juice instead of vinegar. Don’t leave the gelatin on your hair as it can damage them.

gelatin hair7 gelatin hair8