Using Ponytail Holder For Securing Messy Bun

messy bun holder messy bun holder2
Messy bun is the most liked hairstyle among most of the people all over the world as it can be achieved without putting any pressure on the hair. It is important to keep the messy hair bun secured in place for a long time, so the hairstyle stays intact perfectly. You must follow a particular method for keeping the messy bun in its actual place using the ponytail holder.
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Start the styling by combing your hair and mist it with serum hairspray to prevent flyaways. Then take the hair in your hand where the bun will be created and make sure it is placed near your hairline. Next twist your hair in the hand to create the bun and take the ponytail holder for securing the hair in place. You can just stretch the holder using the other hand for wrapping it around your bun. Try to twist your ponytail holder at least twice around the bun before securing it. Now take few strands of hair put of your hair bun and mainly near the crown as well as around the face. Once the hair strands are taken out of the bun, try to look into the mirror to make sure that the hairstyle looks good. Then use the hairspray all over the hair to end the styling process and match the hairstyle with a proper dress to make it look beautiful.

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Kris Jenner Hairstyle

kris jenner hair kris jenner hair2
Kris Jenner is always seen with a particular hairstyle that is considered to be simple as well as unique. You must know the particular method that is used for styling the hair in this manner. Just follow these simple techniques to achieve Kris Jenner hairstyle. But try to cut the hair by visiting a saloon before styling it in this manner. There are also other celebrities who style their hair in the same way.
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First wash the hair in a proper way and blot dry it using a normal towel. Then apply a small amount of oil all over the hair to control the frizz and if required you can also spread a volumizing hair gel to add volume into your hair. Next comb the hair and use the blow dryer at the back section of your hair. Then you can move the blow dryer at the side of your head for drying the hair. Make sure to use the hair brush properly while using the blow dryer to make the hair flow smoothly. You can also blow dry the bangs to make them fly on their own just like Kris Jenner. After drying the hair all over your head and finally use a spray to mist the hairstyle to keep the flyaways within your hair. If you avoid using the hairspray over your hair, it can give a completely messy look.

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Short Bohemian Curls

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Short bohemian curls are the most beautiful way of styling the hair that can be created by sitting at home without using any particular tools. In this hairstyle, the curls created will be tight that is a perfect choice for the afro hair. You can get a completely natural look with this hairstyle. Use the following step to get this style done on your hair without going to a hairstylist.
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You can get this hairstyle done with different methods such as rolling the hair with the help of hair rollers. You can simply roll your hair in these rods to create small curls. Then separate your hair that has been curled to end the styling process. Use oil while separating your hair to prevent tangles. You must apply the oil once the rollers have been taken out of your hair You must do the same all over the head by separating the hair using oil. The time that is taken for rolling the hair will be about half an hour and try to use small rollers only. You must also make the hair to dry on its own after it is taken from the rollers. Separating your hair is important in order to achieve the hairstyle perfectly, so take your own time while doing this. It will also give your hair volumized look and apply a small amount of hair gel to maintain the hairstyle in perfect shape.

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Coloring Hair Using Mascara

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Hair mascara is available in different color options and it is mostly used to create temporary highlights in the hair. You can easily remove the mascara color from your hair without using any special products. Here is a simple step to color the hair with mascara. You can apply the mascara on your hair without getting a support from anyone. Try to sit in front of the mirror during the styling process to make sure that the hair sections have been colored evenly.
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Start with a fully combed and clean hair which is very important while applying the mascara. Make sure that your hair is free of flyaways and it must flow freely without any tangles before styling the hair. Then keep the hair as you wish and divide the section that will be used for applying the mascara. Try to apply the mascara over your hair section from its root and move towards the end. You can use the mascara more than 1 time if the color achieved is not good. Avoid using the mascara too much on the hair as it can create spiky hair. Use more than two colors on the hair sections depending upon your choice.  But make sure that the color used on each hair section has the same width. Continue to add mascara on the hair section very gently until all of them have been highlighted.

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Straightening Thick Short Hair

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Having a thick hair can be difficult to style in different ways for most of the people. In case the hair is short you may have to struggle for keeping the hair straight. There are ways that can help for keeping your hair straight without using any special hair products. You can use a normal straightening iron on a medium to long hair, for using it on short hair try to purchase thin hair straightening iron. The following method can be challenging for those who are straightening their hair for the first time.
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First clean the entire hair by just washing it as usual and follow with a deep conditioning process. The conditioning process is very important in this method as it can make the hair straightening very easy with the thick hair. Now brush the hair from top to bottom and take the hair sections outside. Then use the blow dryer on each of the hair section. Make few small sections in your hair and keep it secured individually. Take the hair straightening iron with medium heat and clap it with each section of your hair. Make sure to use the straightening iron on one section at a time. You can slightly increase the heat produced by the straightening iron in case the hair fails to become straight or use the straightening iron at least two times with medium heat to make the hair straight.

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Using Egg Conditioner On Your Hair

egg hair conditioner egg hair conditioner2
Egg hair conditioner is the best solution for treating your hair to make it look beautiful. You can do this without going to a hairstylist and using any special products. This method can make the hair look clean as well as fresh. There are few steps that must be followed while preparing the egg conditioner at home. Try washing the hair with cold water after the conditioning process as it can make your hair look shiny. Stay away from other hairstyling products on your hair while applying the egg conditioner.
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First take one egg in a bowl after cracking it depending upon the length of your hair and mix the yolk using a fork. Then mix 1 tbsp olive oil in the bowl and beat it with the fork again. Now add lukewarm water into the bowl for diluting the mixture which will be helpful while using it over the hair. Your hair conditioner will be ready now that must be applied over your hair in a perfect manner. To use it over the hair, wash your hair with shampoo and start spreading the conditioner over your hair. Apply the conditioner over the top of your head first using your hands and make it stay on for at least five minutes. Now you can rinse your hair with normal water, but don’t use hot water as it can spoil the conditioning process.

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High Fade Haircut

high fade hair high fade hair2
High fade haircut can be created with any type of hair and it has been one of the most popular hairstyle from a very long time. In this hairstyle, the hair will be cut very close to the scalp over the top and side of your head. As you move towards the top of the head, the hair will become longer. You must get help from a hairstylist to achieve this haircut in a perfect manner. If you are doing this at home, try to be patience while cutting the hair.
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high fade hair5 high fade hair6
To start the haircut, first use the scissors to cut the hair at the side of the head and make sure you only have one inch long hair. Next use electric razor for cutting the hair at the side and bottom part of your head which must be very close to the scalp. Then cut bottom of your head again by moving the razor vertically and it must be very close to your skin. Try to move away from your scalp further and make the razor move on top of the top. Now you must comb the entire hair over the top to make it stand up and use a spray to maintain the hair in its position. Use hair clippers top cut the hair over the head by simply brushing the hair and you can also cut the hair which comes out of your hairstyle with the clippers.

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Hairstyle With Skinny Highlights

skinny highlights skinny highlights2
Skinny highlights on the hair can give simple and beautiful look on any type of hair. There are few celebrities who style their hair in this way. This type of hairstyle can be achieved by going to a saloon and if you are god at applying color on your own it can be done at home. This highlighting method can be a perfect choice for those who have lengthy hair. Always do the hair strand test before using any type of color on the hair.
skinny highlights3 skinny highlights4

skinny highlights5 skinny highlights6
In this hairstyle, make sure that your base color is dark blond and the highlights must be a level lighter when compared to the base color to make the hairstyle look best. First purchase the color that will be used for highlighting the hair. Then read the instructions carefully before using the color on your hair and also do the strand test. Next divide your hair section that will be used for the coloring process and secure the remaining hair away from the separated section. You can use foil method or other techniques for spreading the color on the hair section. Make the hair to dry on its own or you can also use the hair dryer to make the color dry on the hair. The hair color can stay on the hair depending upon the product you are using and it will become dull during each hair wash.

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