Styling Straight Hair Using Aloe Vera Gel

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Aloe Vera hair gel is the natural hairstyling product for using it on the straight hair. There are also other products for using it on the straightened hair, but they can be much costly. Aloe Vera has been used by most of the people for treating their skin from a long time, but it can also be helpful while treating the straight hair.
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First option is using aloe Vera hair gel and apply it gently over the scalp on daily basis before going to bed. You can also take 1 tbsp aloe Vera hair gel and mix it with the shampoo for washing the hair. Then add 1 tbsp aloe Vera hair gel into the conditioner for applying it over your hair to maintain the moisture in it. Another option is take little amount of aloe Vera hair gel in your hands and spread it over the entire hair from top to end to make it look shiny. Aloe Vera hair gel can also be applied over the hair ends that look dry as it can prevent the hair from getting damaged. You can also make deep conditioner with the help of aloe Vera hair gel by mixing it with olive oil. Try to apply this mixture over the hair completely and brush it using a wide tooth hair brush. Wash the hair after half an hour to achieve the best result.

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Styling Curly Hair With Gel And Water

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Gel and water can be one of the best home hairstyling products that can be used to create curly hair. There is a technique that can be helpful while using the gel and water on your hair. Just follow this method for using these products in a perfect manner. It is one of the best methods to style the hair without causing any kind of buildup. This is the most commonly used method for styling the curly hair.
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Diluting the hair gel along with water must be done with a perfect technique or the hairstyle you are planning to create may become wrong. To use gel and water over a fine curly hair, you must take small amount of water in a bowl and mix gel into it. This will help to create beautiful curls without causing any type of buildup in your hair. Just use your fingers to spread the product all over the hair. It is very easy to change consistency of your gel with the help of water. Most of the people will like to use the hair gel as a product for styling their hair and using too much of gel on the hair can make it look thick. When the hair becomes more thick it is very difficult to style it, so mixing water into the gel can make it very easy to style the curly hair.

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Miley Cyrus Cropped Haircut

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Miley Cyrus with cropped haircut can be a perfect hairstyle for both men as well as women. Even kids can cut their hair in this way to get different types of look. It is very simple to get this hairstyle achieved at home than going to the hairstylist. You can simply use the clippers to get this style done at home and put only little amount of pressure with this tool while using it over the head. Make sure not to use the tool for a long time on the head as it can damage it.
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First take clippers with attached clipper guard number 8 and use it over the head. You can use the clipper over your head the as per your desire. Then comb the hair that is long and use the clipper near the ear on both the sides of your head. Now you must texturize your hair ends with the help of thinning shears and brush the entire hair away from the head. You must move your hair shaft just half inch by closing your thinning shears over the hair once again. This will texturize the ends of your hair and maintain an uneven hairline at the ends of your hair. Keeping the hair ends uneven is the best way to achieve this hairstyle. At last brush your hair once again and maintain the hairstyle naturally without touching your hairline.

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Prevent Brassy Look While Coloring Brown Hair

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Most of them will try changing their hair color at home and while doing so the hair color can become brassy. The brassy look is very common when you are changing the brown hair color into blonde. You can just follow these steps for treating the brassy look after the coloring process. Try to purchase the right styling product for treating the brassy tones which includes semi-permanent toner.
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First place a cloth around you shoulders to prevent the hairstyling product falling over your dress. Then take the toner and mix it perfectly by following the instructions on the kit. Start applying it over the hair such as near your scalp where the brassy tone can easily appear. Apply the mixture only where it is actually required. Cover the head with a plastic cap and leave it for about half an hour to get it processed. After taking the shower cap out of the head, try to wash it using a shampoo and apply a suitable hair conditioner. Look all over the head and there will be no brassy tones. If you see any type of brassy tone at any part of the hair, try to follow the same technique all over again. Don’t over use the product on the hair as it can spoil your entire look and always follow the instructions on the product to prevent any type of bad result.

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Steps To Moisturize Brittle Hair Ends

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Having brittle hair ends can be very disturbing for many people and the best way to treat it is by getting a haircut. There are also few simple ways that can be used for moisturizing the brittle hair ends without getting them cut. But make sure to use the right product for treating the hair ends in a perfect way. Maintaining the hair shiny is also important and when the hair ends become brittle, they will start to look weak.
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The first option is using oil on the hair ends on daily basis during night times before going to bed. You must also apply hair oil after getting your hair washed regularly. There are various types of oil that can be applied over your hair such as olive oil. Even after applying the oil if your hair looks brittle, try to cover it with the shower cap for about 15 minutes and brush the entire hair with your fingers. Another option for treating the brittle ends of your hair is called as the baggie technique. To do this, first take normal hair oil in the wrap and create a simple ponytail with your hair. Attach the wrap to your hair around its ponytail to prevent the look of the brittle hair ends. This is one of the best techniques that can be used in case the hair ends break on regular basis.

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Steps To Dilute Gel Into your hair

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Diluting the hair gel is very important for those who want to create a voluminous look. But if you try to use the thick gel too much over the thin hair, it will start to lose its shape by looking thin only. There are few ways that can help while diluting the gel over the hair to create the perfect effect. Try to purchase a light hair gel for using it over the hair and if you have thick gel, try to follow this method.
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First take the hair gel in a bowl and mix one tbsp distilled water into it. Try to mix both of them perfectly using a spoon. Then add one tbsp water once again into the bowl and try to mix it again till both of them get mixed perfectly. Use your fingers to spread the mixed hair gel over the hair from top to bottom. You can also fill the mixture into the spray bottle for misting the entire hair with it. This method can be applied on any type of hair, but not on the straight hair. If you have a straight hair, try to wash it and make the hair to fall down in front of the head by bending your head. Mist the entire hair with the mixture using the spray bottle and brush it with your fingers. Take the hair dryer with low setting for making your hair dry.

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Styling Your Hair Using Pliable Wax

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Pliable hair wax is one of the best product for styling a curly hair. The hair will start to look good after applying this wax and the styling process will also be very easy. Just follow this technique while styling the hair with the pliable hair wax. You can simply use the fingers for applying the wax over the hair and try to purchase the right pliable wax for styling the hair.
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First style the curly hair as usual and after sometime make the hair loose. Then take the pliable hair wax in your hands and spread it evenly all over the hair from top to end. Just use only small amount of wax and using too much will make the hair look oily. Try to twirl the hair with your fingers while applying the wax over the hair strands which will be helpful in defining the curls in your hair. While twirling the hair just use your fingers and you must simply twirl it slightly before leaving it to fall naturally. Use the same process on the remaining part of your hair and make sure to do it very gently. There is no need to use the hair wax while twirling each hair parts as it will be distributed evenly throughout the hair once it has been applied. Once the curls get set, they will look lot bouncier than before applying the wax.

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Angled Bob Hairstyle

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Angled bob hairstyle is a perfect way to maintain the medium size hair. In this hairstyle, the hair will not be long and not even short as it must be properly maintained in the middle. It is one of the most popular hairstyle that is liked by many people. This style can give a completely flat look for those who have a round face. While styling the hair in this way for the first time, try to get help from a hair specialist. If you are doing the same at home, try to give extra care while using the razor as the hairstyle can look choppy some time.
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This is one of such hairstyle that can give more attention to its sharp angles and those who have a flat face must avoid styling their hair in this way. It is also considered to be very much similar to the standard bob hairstyle, this hairstyle will looks shorter at the back of the head and start to grow longer in front of your head. The layers in front of your head will be angled that will normally frame your face. You can also add more texture into the hairstyle by cutting it further at the edge using the normal razor. It is important to maintain the hair in its original shape by cutting it on regular basis such as once in 6-8 weeks.

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Coloring Hair With Orange Juice

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Orange is also known to be used for coloring the hair and it can even remove buildup on your hair to make it look shiny. Just like the lemon juice, orange can make dull looking hair bright, but the end results may vary. You need to purchase few items before starting the styling process such as oranges, spray bottle, normal hair shampoo and hair conditioner.
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First take 2 oranges in a jar of the juicer to make orange juice. Then store it in a spray bottle and mix it with water. Try to shake the bottle gently to mix both the ingredients. Now divide the hair as four separate parts and keep them secured individually with hair clips. Mist the hair with the mixture starting from front of the head and then slowly move to the back of the head. Try to do the same on your remaining hair sections as you move towards them. After covering the entire hair with orange juice, try to cover it using a shower cap which will help in making them enter into the hair shaft easily. Then sit under hooded dryer with medium heat for about one hour to make the hair set perfectly. Now you can use a normal water to rinse the hair and try to use shampoo during this process. At last condition your hair normally and style it as you wish.

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Treating Hair With Vegetable Glycerine

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Vegetable glycerine can be achieved with the vegetable oil such as a coconut. It is one of the best products that can maintain the moisture in your hair for a long time. There are different types of advantages provided by the vegetable glycerine for various activities. It can be found in various products starting from hairstyling to skin care treatments. The benefit that is offered by the vegetable glycerine on your hair is also completely different from other hairstyling products.
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The vegetable glycerine is available with moisturizing items hat is a perfect option for your hair. Those who have a very dry hair can use the vegetable glycerine that is available in some of the hairstyling products to make the hair look healthy as well as shiny. Always use the product that features vegetable glycerine instead of using it directly over your hair. Applying the vegetable glycerine over the hair can be harmful to the hair. Try to purchase the hairstyling products that contain vegetable glycerine for better treatment. People who have afro hair can be benefited with the products featuring vegetable glycerine and mainly when they feel irritation on their scalp due to flakes. Apart from moisturizing you hair, the vegetable glycerine products can also make the hair look healthy without any split ends and even breakage. You can also use vegetable glycerine for other purposes such as skin care, acne and more.

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