Taking Care Of Blunt Bangs

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Blunt bangs can give a unique look if it is styled in a perfect way, but most of the time it can spoil your entire look. You can fix this problem without going to a hairstylist than waiting for the hair to grow long. Cut only small amount of bangs with the scissor till you get the desired effect.
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First brush the bangs using a normal comb to make it free from tangles and make sure that the bangs are fully dry before continuing the styling process. Now brush the bangs in front of the face and make different parts in the bangs. Take the bangs towards outside of your face and keep it in between pointer finger as well as the middle finger. Start cutting the hair that is coming out of your fingers using a standard scissor. Try to do vertical cuts at the end of your hair layer in the bangs with the same scissor and don’t make the scissor to enter deep into the bangs. Now take the bangs on top of the layer and cut it in the same way. At last comb the bangs that have been cut with the scissor and style it as per your wish. Apply a small amount of hair gel on the bangs to create a very chunky look and to get elegant look brush the bangs towards the side of the head.

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