Hairstyle With Havana Twists

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Creating Havana twists in your hair can give a wonderful look and it also looks like the Marley twists. You must purchase the particular hair extension to create the Havana twists in your hair. It will look much softer than other hair extensions and make sure to follow the instructions on how to wear it before starting the styling process.
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havana twist5 Moda Donna Milano 2013(ph. Daniele Venturelli)
First make four parts all over the head that must about one inch in size and keep them with the hair clip. Brush the section with a normal hair comb and make two parts with the parted hair section. Now take the Havana twists from the pack and pull out six strips for using it over the hair. Try to just fold the twists into half and keep them over the head. You must twist the Havana twists slightly as close as possible to the hairline along with natural hair. Use the same method on the other half of your hair. Start crossing the twisted part of your hair over other in one direction and continue till the end of your hair. Do the same on the remaining hair parts and then take squares aluminum foil to create mini rods that will be applied to the each hair twists. Now make the hair end to dip into the bowl of hot water and make it cool on its own before removing the mini rods.

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