Treating Afro Hair With Texturizer

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The afro hair can become very difficult to manage at some time and using a special styling product can help to control it. One of the hairstyling products that can be applied on the afro hair is hair texturizer that can make the hair pattern loose. There are different things that can be done for using the hair texturizer on the afro hair, but following the simple method can save time as well as money. Just use the following method for treating the afro hair with hair texturizer.
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Try to clean the hair first by washing it and didivide it into sections after applying the conditioner. Spread petroleum jelly slightly over your hairline to keep the chemicals away from your scalp. Start applying the hair texturizer with the help of an applicator brush over the hair from back of your head and move towards the front. Once the entire hair gets saturated with the hair texturizer, leave it for about fifteen minutes. Now rinse the hair texturizer out of your hair using warm water and dry it with a towel. Try to spread neutralizer over the hair without fail as it will stop the process that is done by the hair texturizer. After ten minutes, try to rinse the hair completely to make it free from the neutralizer. Use the hair conditioner that is used normally and style the hair as usual.

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