Coloring Hair With Orange Juice

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Orange is also known to be used for coloring the hair and it can even remove buildup on your hair to make it look shiny. Just like the lemon juice, orange can make dull looking hair bright, but the end results may vary. You need to purchase few items before starting the styling process such as oranges, spray bottle, normal hair shampoo and hair conditioner.
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First take 2 oranges in a jar of the juicer to make orange juice. Then store it in a spray bottle and mix it with water. Try to shake the bottle gently to mix both the ingredients. Now divide the hair as four separate parts and keep them secured individually with hair clips. Mist the hair with the mixture starting from front of the head and then slowly move to the back of the head. Try to do the same on your remaining hair sections as you move towards them. After covering the entire hair with orange juice, try to cover it using a shower cap which will help in making them enter into the hair shaft easily. Then sit under hooded dryer with medium heat for about one hour to make the hair set perfectly. Now you can use a normal water to rinse the hair and try to use shampoo during this process. At last condition your hair normally and style it as you wish.

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