Steps To Moisturize Brittle Hair Ends

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Having brittle hair ends can be very disturbing for many people and the best way to treat it is by getting a haircut. There are also few simple ways that can be used for moisturizing the brittle hair ends without getting them cut. But make sure to use the right product for treating the hair ends in a perfect way. Maintaining the hair shiny is also important and when the hair ends become brittle, they will start to look weak.
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The first option is using oil on the hair ends on daily basis during night times before going to bed. You must also apply hair oil after getting your hair washed regularly. There are various types of oil that can be applied over your hair such as olive oil. Even after applying the oil if your hair looks brittle, try to cover it with the shower cap for about 15 minutes and brush the entire hair with your fingers. Another option for treating the brittle ends of your hair is called as the baggie technique. To do this, first take normal hair oil in the wrap and create a simple ponytail with your hair. Attach the wrap to your hair around its ponytail to prevent the look of the brittle hair ends. This is one of the best techniques that can be used in case the hair ends break on regular basis.

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