Side Fringe With Messy Look

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Creating a side fringe with a messy look on your head can give a good look which can be achieved at home. This style feature cutting the bangs so that it does not hang straight down and it will only sweep to the left or right side of your head. It can be achieved by using a razor along with a smaller arsenal of cutting tools. You can use a pair of shears to complete this hairstyle at home. Most of the celebrities prefer this type of hairstyle as it can give great look.
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A messy side fringe is one of the best ways to style your hair at home. This hairstyle involves cutting of bangs so that it does not hang straight down and it will only sweep to the left or right side of your head. It can be achieved by using a razor along with a smaller arsenal of cutting tools. You can use a pair of shears to complete this hairstyle at home. Most of the celebrities prefer this type of hairstyle as it can give a great look. The people who want to create the same look with their hair, first they must make sure that the length and the texture of the hair is perfect. Consult a hairstylist if you have any doubts before styling the hair with messy fringe. Once you have cut the hair to get this look, the hair may take some time to grow back.

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Treating Afro Hair With Texturizer

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The afro hair can become very difficult to manage at some time and using a special styling product can help to control it. One of the hairstyling products that can be applied on the afro hair is hair texturizer that can make the hair pattern loose. There are different things that can be done for using the hair texturizer on the afro hair, but following the simple method can save time as well as money. Just use the following method for treating the afro hair with hair texturizer.
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Try to clean the hair first by washing it and didivide it into sections after applying the conditioner. Spread petroleum jelly slightly over your hairline to keep the chemicals away from your scalp. Start applying the hair texturizer with the help of an applicator brush over the hair from back of your head and move towards the front. Once the entire hair gets saturated with the hair texturizer, leave it for about fifteen minutes. Now rinse the hair texturizer out of your hair using warm water and dry it with a towel. Try to spread neutralizer over the hair without fail as it will stop the process that is done by the hair texturizer. After ten minutes, try to rinse the hair completely to make it free from the neutralizer. Use the hair conditioner that is used normally and style the hair as usual.

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High Quiff Ponytail With Straight Hair

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High quiff ponytail is a new version of the standard pompadour hairstyle that is possible to be worn by both the genders from a long time. In this hairstyle, there will be a back-combed puffy crown along with a straight ponytail positioned mid-head. To achieve this hairstyle, you must make sure that the length of the hair medium to long or add an extension to your hair to make it long enough to start the styling process. This hairstyle is a perfect choice only for a formal occasion.
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Start the process by blowing your hair to dry which will make straight hair into a curly looking hair will not look perfect for this hairstyle. Collect the front part of the hair from temple to temple and secure it out of the way. Take the sides of your hair back off the face and keep the hair as smooth as possible to create a ponytail. Next backcomb the top section of the hair and spritz all over the hair with a hairspray. Smooth the outer surface of the hair with a paddle brush and take it back to the crown by pushing it forward to create a quiff. The hair may get tangled, so try to be careful during this process. Wrap the ends which are hanging down your back at the base of the ponytail. Smooth back all of the hair and mist all over the hair with a finishing hairspray to get the desired effect.

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Hairstyle With Havana Twists

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Creating Havana twists in your hair can give a wonderful look and it also looks like the Marley twists. You must purchase the particular hair extension to create the Havana twists in your hair. It will look much softer than other hair extensions and make sure to follow the instructions on how to wear it before starting the styling process.
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havana twist5 Moda Donna Milano 2013(ph. Daniele Venturelli)
First make four parts all over the head that must about one inch in size and keep them with the hair clip. Brush the section with a normal hair comb and make two parts with the parted hair section. Now take the Havana twists from the pack and pull out six strips for using it over the hair. Try to just fold the twists into half and keep them over the head. You must twist the Havana twists slightly as close as possible to the hairline along with natural hair. Use the same method on the other half of your hair. Start crossing the twisted part of your hair over other in one direction and continue till the end of your hair. Do the same on the remaining hair parts and then take squares aluminum foil to create mini rods that will be applied to the each hair twists. Now make the hair end to dip into the bowl of hot water and make it cool on its own before removing the mini rods.

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Steps To Maintain Biracial Hair

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Biracial hair involves a difficult process to maintain for most of the people and it also needs special attention during the styling. Apart from using few particular products, you must use proper methods and processes to make them look good. Different hair types need differing levels of styling steps and you can use the following procedure to suit only specific needs of a biracial hair. This method can help to make your hair look naturally healthy and beautiful.
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Try to wash the hair with a high quality shampoo and then condition it with a moisturizing cream. Pat the hair dry with a clean towel. Then comb your hair with a wide toothed comb and spread a curl-enhancing cream to soften the curls. Divide sections of the hair and use smooth conditioner or cream through the ends. Leave the hair to dry naturally because using heat may damage the hair. Next apply natural oil to the locks before starting the blow drying process. Try to use a bonnet style blow dryer which can be less damaging than a blow dryer. Use the ceramic flat iron with lowest setting to straighten the hair. Pin the hair up in sections to straighten the hair at the neck first and move from section to section, base of the scalp to tips of the hair. Finally spread an anti-frizz serum all over the hair to straighten it and also to maintain sheen.

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Taking Care Of Blunt Bangs

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Blunt bangs can give a unique look if it is styled in a perfect way, but most of the time it can spoil your entire look. You can fix this problem without going to a hairstylist than waiting for the hair to grow long. Cut only small amount of bangs with the scissor till you get the desired effect.
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First brush the bangs using a normal comb to make it free from tangles and make sure that the bangs are fully dry before continuing the styling process. Now brush the bangs in front of the face and make different parts in the bangs. Take the bangs towards outside of your face and keep it in between pointer finger as well as the middle finger. Start cutting the hair that is coming out of your fingers using a standard scissor. Try to do vertical cuts at the end of your hair layer in the bangs with the same scissor and don’t make the scissor to enter deep into the bangs. Now take the bangs on top of the layer and cut it in the same way. At last comb the bangs that have been cut with the scissor and style it as per your wish. Apply a small amount of hair gel on the bangs to create a very chunky look and to get elegant look brush the bangs towards the side of the head.

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Curling Hair Using Snap-On Curlers

snap-on curler snap-on curler2
Snap-on curlers are used to style the hair and it is able to provide all types of hairstyle. It can be used on the without getting help from anyone. This tool features two-part mechanism that is used to keep the hairstyle in place. Be very careful while using blow dryer on your hair after the styling process. Apply a hair gel on the hair which will help in prevent damage while using the blow dryer over the curls.
snap-on curler3 snap-on curler4

snap-on curler5 snap-on curler6
Start the styling with a clean hair and apply a hair gel throughout the hair. Brush your entire hair and make four parts using the hair clip. Take one of the hair part for using the snap-on curlers. Take one of the hair section for combing it with the hair brush. Keep hair ends over the curlers and roll it just under toward your head. You must roll the hair under plastic snap which will maintain the curler close to your head. Roll the curler towards opposite direction to make the curler loose and secure it in its place. Continue this method of rolling the curlers into the hair section by section and use the blow dryer over the hair with the curlers to make them set in place perfectly. At last take the rollers out of the hair using your hands very slowly without creating tangles and style them as per your wish.

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Coloring Gray Hair With Matrix Color

matrix hair color matrix hair color2
Matrix hair color is a demi-permanent dye that is known to stay on your hair for two months only. The color on your hair will look will look in perfect form on each strands after applying this color which will give a completely natural look. You must follow important steps while applying this color on gray hair.
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matrix hair color5 matrix hair color6
First take the matrix hair color out of the box and mix it in a bowl with the help of tint brush. Wear the hand gloves that are provided along with the product before starting your process. Then apply the color on your hair using tint brush from top to end starting from the root and move gently to the end of your hair. Let the color stay on your hair for about half an hour or the time mentioned on the coloring product. Wear a shower cap during this time to make the color to dry on your hair. Then you can simply rinse the entire hair using warm water and spread a small amount of conditioner all over the hair. You must only apply the conditioner on your hair that is provided along with the coloring product. Next rinse your hair conditioner using normal water and let it dry naturally. Don’t use any type of hair dryer during the drying process as it can make the hair to look dry without any shine.

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Methods To Cut Blunt Hair Bob

blunt hair bob blunt hair bob2
Blunt hair bob is a perfect hairstyle that can be achieved with medium to short hair. There is a particular technique that is followed to do the blunt cut with your hair. Try to wash the hair before starting the cutting process and make sure it is also conditioned. You must also dry the hair before starting your cutting process even though most of the hairstylist cut the hair when it is slightly wet. Try to make the hair straight using a flat iron as it can help to determine the size of your hair after the haircut.
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blunt hair bob5 blunt hair bob6
Start the cutting by after making four parts in your hair from the hairline to the nape of your neck. Try to create horizontal part over the head that must be about 1/4 inch thick which will be used as the guideline to create the blunt cut. Place the shears parallel to the ground and move it across your hair. Take another hair section from behind your head and do the same as you did with the previous section by cutting it across the hair. Continue the same process all over the head and make parting with your hair from hairline from ear to ear. Use this as a guide to end the haircutting process all over the head. Mist the blunt hair bob with a spray to maintain it in a perfect shape.

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Dealing With Buildup In Hair Twists

hair twist buildup hair twist buildup2
Buildup in hair can be very difficult to remove, but in case you have twists in your hair it can make the situation worse. The hair buildup normally occurs sue to the hairstyling products that are use on the hair on regular basis. There are few things that can help to sort out this problem, especially in twists. You can just wash the hair as usual and get the hair steamed without going to a saloon.
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The best way to recognize the buildup in your hair is it will start to look dull and become much heavier. One of the best options for treating this problem is by visiting a hair specialist. In case you want to do this at home, then use clarifying shampoo to wash the hair at least two times. Apply a hair product that can provide moisture in your hair. Mist the product all over the hair and sit under the steam. This will make the hair to become clean from the left out debris. You must sit under the steam for about half an hour and then wash the hair again as usual which will completely make the hair free from all types of buildup. Avoid using too much hairstyling products such as hairspray to prevent buildup. Style the hair as you wish and do the same process in future when you feel there is buildup in the hair.

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