Methods To Strip Color Out Of Hair

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Hair color can be stripped without using any special styling products. Most of the people want to strip hair color from their hair using chemical products, but they can be harmful the hair. There are ways to do the same process at home without any styling products. Try to purchase normal products such as anti-residue shampoo, plastic cling hair wrap and olive oil. Use he following method for treating the hair at home.
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To start, first apply a generous amount of anti-residue hair shampoo and cover it using plastic cling hair wrap. Let the hair covered with the wrap for about 8-10 hours and if possible you can also leave it overnight for best result. The shampoo applied over the hair will enter into the scalp which is capable of removing the color out of the follicles. In the morning try to rinse the hair using warm water and apply a small amount of olive oil after it becomes heat. Don’t use the olive oil when it hot and make sure it gets spread entirely all over the hair. Leave the oil on your hair for about 2-3 hours and rinse it again with warm water. Use the same technique again in case the hair color remains in your hair when it is done for the first time. Try to continue the process until the hair color changes to its normal look.

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Maintaining Afro Hair Soft

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Having an afro hair can be disturbing for some of the people as it will be hard to manage. There are ways that can be followed to make the afro hair look soft without using any special products. You can just condition the afro hair to keep it healthy for a long time.
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Always wash the afro hair with a suitable shampoo which is one of the most important step in maintaining the afro hair. Some of the shampoo can make the hair weak and even make it look dry. Use the shampoo that has moisturizer and has no alcohol for washing the hair on regular basis. Then use the best hair conditioner for the deep conditioning process to keep the hair moisturized. Use your hands to spread the conditioner on the hair and leave it on for few minutes to make it enter into the scalp before starting the rinsing process. Always dry the hair using only a normal towel and avoid using a hair dryer. In case you want to dry the hair fast use the hair dryer with low setting. Drying the hair naturally can be the best way for keeping the afro hair smooth. Finally style your hair with your fingers only and don’t use a hair brush. You can apply moisturizing oil throughout the hair as it is the best suitable product for styling the afro hair.

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Methods To Maintain Smooth Hair At Home

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Making the hair look smooth can give a good to the hairstyle that you are planning to create. But you can smoothen your hair by using few hairstyling products that are considered to be expensive. There are also few homemade products that can be used on the hair to make it smooth. The hair can become dull and loose its smoothness due to various reasons, but one of the main reasons can be humid weather.
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Always comb the hair very gently to prevent broken ends which are one of the best solutions to make your hair smooth. Those who have a curly hair can feel that their hair will become dry very often, so don’t wash the hair on daily basis with the shampoo to maintain the smoothness. Try to brush the hair with the help of a wide-toothed brush and leave the hair to dry naturally without using any type of hairstyling tools. Cut the hair to get rid of split ends and apply a good amount of hair conditioner. People with curly hair can use olive oil for massaging it into the hair to deep condition the hair. Leave the olive oil in your hair for about 30 minutes before washing the hair with the shampoo. Avoid styling your hair with the tools such as hair straightener as they can remove the shine out of your hair during the first time itself.

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Steps To Create Ghana Cornrows

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Ghana cornrows are the most unique hairstyle that is worn by most of the people and it is very common among African American. There will be sharp hair ends in this hairstyle and it will look almost similar to the normal cornrow hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the braid will look thin at beginning and then slowly become thick as you reach at the end. To achieve this hairstyle, you can follow this simple technique.
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First make center part with your hair as straight as possible and start the process with one side of the head. Secure the hair that is not used for the braiding process with a hair band and start the thin hair section. The thin hair part will be separated into three sections that will be sued to create the hairstyle. Braid the hair from your scalp by pulling thin hair and take more hair while creating the cornrow. You must also add more hair in order to maintain the hairstyle straight. While reaching the end of your hair, try to create a standard cornrow. Once you get the thin and thick effect in your hairstyle, do the same method to create the cornrows on the remaining hair parts all over the head. Just leave the hair as it is after creating the hairstyle and avoid using any type of hair accessories as it can spoil your entire look.

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Cropped Pixie Hairstyle

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Cropped pixie hairstyle is the best way to style your hair with a flat look. You can match this hairstyle with a proper outfit to make it look good. Try to clean the hair before starting the styling process and condition it properly. This haircut will look best on faces which are in round shape and get help from a friend.
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First make sections in your hair three inches in width and brush it using fine-tooth comb. Take thinning shears for keeping it diagonally over the hair section and start cutting it gently. Now cut the bangs using the shears after parting the hair to one side of the head. Then brush the hair using the comb and use this section as the guide to cut the remaining hair parts. Cut the hair at the back of your head short than the other hair sections. After cutting the hair sections, try to comb them as per your desire and cut even line near the nape of your neck. The top part of your hair must be about two inches in thickness and maintain the hair less than four inches long. At last spread hair gel over your hair and comb it from top to bottom using vent hair brush. Use a blow dryer while combing the hair after the haircut. Use the fingers to brush the hair to style it as per your wish.

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Using Hair Dryer To Process Colored Hair

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To get the hair color processed after the coloring process is a very simple method that can be done with the help of a hair dryer. The heat produced from the dryer can reduce the processing time, but you must make sure that it doesn’t damage the hair in any way. You must follow the right method while using the hair dryer on the colored hair. Try to use it on the hair until you have achieved the desired hair color and don’t use it for a long time.
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Always color the hair by following the instructions on the coloring kit. The processing time will be mentioned on the hair coloring kit and the time taken to process the hair with dryer will reduced into half. Try to check the hair during the drying process with the hair dryer to see whether the hair color is getting processed in a proper way. Most of the time the hair can get over-processed that can spoil the entire hairstyle. To use the hair dryer in a perfect way, first set it with medium heat setting and try to move it over the head from one side. Once the dryer has been moved all over the head evenly, keep it aside. Now check your hair to see the processed color. Sit in front of the mirror while using the hair dryer on the colored hair.

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Caring For Your Rasta Hair

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Rasta hair is hairstyle that is worn by most of the people all over the world. You must give proper attention to maintain the Rasta hair in proper condition. The Rasta hair will get tangled or dirty if you fail to maintain perfectly. Go to a hairstylist to know about treating the Rasta hair in a proper way and purchase the right product for styling it.
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Always use only recommended hairstyling products for using it on your Rasta hair. Use lather shampoo for washing the hair and make sure to rinse it properly before applying oil for conditioning your hair. Always wash the hair gently as the hair may get damaged if you apply too much pressure with your hand. Don’t wash the hair for about one month after creating it and wash it at least once in a week to keep it healthy. There are also hair wax that can be applied on the Rasta hair and gently massage it into the scalp. This will help your hair shaft by conditioning the scalp and it can also prevent dandruff. Try to cover the hair with silk scarf while sleeping in the night to prevent the hair from getting out of the shape. Use your hands to roll the hair in one direction after it has been washed which can make it tight and keep it secured in place till next wash.

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Creating Sock Waves At Home

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Sock waves are a simple way of creating beautiful hairstyle without using any special hairstyling products. This is the best way to achieve waves without applying heat on the hair. You can do the same at home to create the waves by using this simple method. Anyone who wants to create the waves in their hair without spending money can follow this technique. You can just use the socks that are too old to use to achieve this hairstyle.
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First take a sock and try to cut it into half which will be used to create the waves. You must use at least 5-6 socks to create large waves in the hair. Now take your sock that has been cut into half for rolling it around your hair ends. Make sure that the hair ends gets wrapped around the small sock. Try to roll the hair along with your sock till you reach near the scalp of the scalp. After reaching the perfect place near the hair roots make a simple knot to keep it secured in place. Leave the hair wrapped in the same way all over the head and leave it overnight. In the morning you can just unroll the sock from your hair to achieve beautiful bouncy waves all over the head. Now style the entire waves in your hair using your fingers and don’t use a hair brush.

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