Making Inverted Bob Grow Out

inverted bob inverted bob2
Inverted bob is a very beautiful hairstyle where the hair will grow inwards and some of the also wear it growing outwards to make it look unique. There are steps that can help to achieve the inverted bob outward without going to a hairstylist. The technique of growing the bob outward is very simple you must cut the bangs in a proper way and make them grow longer. Use hair pins to keep the bangs in place till they are able to reach the particular length.
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The bangs are normal left long in this hairstyle and it can be moved at the side of your head or even stay over the forehead. Secure the hair with pins to make the hair grow outward to prevent a bad looking bob hairstyle. You can create angles in your hairstyle near the face to make the short hair to grow out on its own. This method can be the perfect choice if you don’t to go to a hairstylist to cut the bangs. After the short bob starts to grow long, you can try to make it even in front of your head. Get help from a friend for cutting the hair with proper length. In case the haircut looks bad, try to collect the hair in the pin at the crown of your head or even at the side of the head till they grow long.

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Dealing With Green Hair While Applying Brown Color

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There is a very usual problem that can be faced by most of people while coloring their brown hair. Most of the time if you try to change the color of your hair to brown it can turn into green as it features three natural colors. There are ways that can help while dealing with such an issue. Always consult a hair specialist while coloring your hair to prevent damage to the hair. Don’t mix the color and the developer as per your desire and try to follow the instructions mentioned on the kit for better result.
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To begin the process, first you must remove the tangles in your hair by brushing it and create four parts in your hair. Then take 2 oz color in a bottle and mix 2 oz 10 volume developer. Wear hand gloves and shake the bottle to mix both the ingredients properly. Start applying the mixture on your hairline in the middle of the head. Try to apply this mixture on one hair part before moving onto the other. Use the same mixture on your hair as well as the scalp on your head. Make the hair parts to get saturated completely and leave it on for at least twenty minutes. Next use warm water for rinsing the hair and apply the normal shampoo to wash the hair along with hair conditioner to end the process.

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Steps To Wash Hair Follicles At Home

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Cleaning the follicles in your hair requires special technique. Hair follicles can get clogged due to various reasons on the scalp that needs special treatment. You can clean the follicles by sitting at home using few simple natural products. Try to follow a particular diet which must include vegetables as well as fruits on daily basis to maintain the scalp healthy. This can help in balancing the hormones and immune system.
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First take saw palmetto in a bowl and spread it over the scalp. Leave it on for just twenty minutes before washing the hair with the shampoo and applying a hair conditioner. Another option is mixing 1 tbsp of salt along with 2 tbsp of warm water and apply it over the scalp just like massaging. This process will help in making the follicles unclogged without any special treatments. You can also try applying a small amount of lemon juice over your scalp and massage it gently before rinsing the hair with cold water. After this you must use the regular shampoo for washing the hair and condition it properly. Another method is taking apple cider vinegar and mixing it with water for massaging it over the scalp before shampoo washing the hair. If you don’t want to use any of these techniques to open the hair follicles, just get into shower with hot water and the steam will open it.

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Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Treatment

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Cholesterol conditioning treatment is one of the most used treatments for treating damaged hair. The hair that gets damaged after the coloring process and heat-styling can also be treated with the cholesterol treatment. This type of treatment has been used from a very long time to make the hair soft as well as moisturized. There are different types of cholesterol treatments available and you can select the conditioning treatment as the best choice as it can be done at home.
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The cholesterol conditioning treatment will be used on the hair and it must left for about 15 minutes. Then the hair will be covered with plastic cap or try to wrap the hair with normal towel that is slightly warm. You can also use the hooded dryer on top your hair. In case you have over processed your hair too much try to leave the treatment on for a long time. Most of the cholesterol conditioning treatments will feature olive oil and some of them will also add the oil in the product for better result. Now your hair will start to look shiny as well as smooth. The cholesterol treatment is normally followed by people with particular hair type such as Afro-American hair and different treatments are available for other types of hair. There is no need to consult a hairstylist while getting the conditioning treatment done at home as it is a simple process.

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Taking Care Of Damaged Bangs

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Damaged bangs can be difficult to correct as it can spoil your entire hairstyle. The bangs are the main thing in your hairstyle that can be easily seen by everyone. There are different things that can cause damage to the bangs and it can be adjusted by following a particular technique. Use the right conditioner for treating your hair properly and it can also help to maintain the entire hair perfectly without any damage.
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As usual begin the process after washing the hair using only moisturizing shampoo and get it conditioner properly. Dry the hair with a blow dryer after spreading a little amount of heat-protectant product all over the strands. Use a round brush while blow drying your hair and move from top to bottom of the hair. Now use the flat iron over your bangs to make it look thin as well as straight. Just apply medium heat with the flat iron over the bangs and mist it with a heat protectant product. Next you must divide the bangs into two different parts and secure them using the clamp. Now mist the bangs once again with the spray to make it stay in one place. Try to condition your hair with keratin-based hair conditioner to make it deep conditioned to avoid visiting a hair specialist. The keratin-based products can be helpful in repairing the damaged hair without harming it further.

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Creating Ponytail With Fan Tail

fan tail fan tail2
Fan tail can be used to create a simple looking ponytail and it has been developed by Vidal Sassoon. It is a plastic accessory that is used to create a messy ponytail with few simple steps. Just follow this method to achieve this look within few minutes. Try to purchase the fan tail from Vidal Sassoon and try to use it over the hair gently for the first time. Most of the people who want to create a ponytail with a messy look can follow this styling technique.
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fan tail5 fan tail6
To start, first try taking the entire hair at the back of your head to make a ponytail and use elastic band to keep it in place. Now pull the ponytail top using your hand and place fan tail from base of your ponytail adjacent to elastic band. Then twist your fan tail front and back to make the hooks to enter into your ponytail. Next take the ponytail section into the fan tail and gently twist it to make the ponytail secure in place. Try to brush the ponytail using a comb at the back of the head and fluff it slightly so the fan tail gets covered. Take small hair sections from the ponytail and insert it into the fan tail hooks which will make the ponytail look messy. Don’t use other hair accessories after creating the ponytail with the fan tail.

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Curly Under Bob Hairstyle

under bob under bob2
Curly looking under bob can give the perfect look that you are planning to achieve with a short hair. This hairstyle can look stylist if you match it with a proper outfit. Most of the people want to make their short hair look really amazing with few simple styling techniques, but it can be made more outstanding if you curl the bob under. Make sure to use the styling tools such as blow dryer and flat iron in a proper manner without causing damage to your hair.
under bob3 under bob4

under bob5 under bob6
Begin the styling with a completely washed hair and use a pre-styling hair product like a gel on the hair to add more texture in it in case it is too thin. You can also apply hair products such as serum if you have a thick hair. Next use a blow dryer to make the hair dry along with the paddle brush and keep the hair slightly wet. Then create different section in the hair during the blow drying process to support the bend in your hair. Now use the flat iron all over the hair strands starting from the neck and try to make the hair ends straight to maintain the volume in it. Try to tuck your hair straightener slightly under while reaching the hair ends to create under-curl look. At last mist the entire hair using anti-humidity spray and brush the entire hair just using your fingers curling the hair ends under.

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Rocking Hair Color

rocking hair color rocking hair color2
Getting a punk colored hair can give a different kind of look and it cane done on temporary basis or permanently. Most of the people want to get this type hairstyle by going to a saloon, but the same thing can be done at home with few simple styling products. You can also bleach the entire hair before using the punk hair color to make it look more dramatic. Before starting the styling, try to get the Kool-Aid product that will be used over the hair after mixing it along with water.
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rocking hair color5 rocking hair color6
First wear hand gloves and take Kool-Aid packet to mix it with water in a cup. Take a big plastic wrap which will be used after applying the color over your hair. Next spread the mixture all over the hair and then use the plastic wrap to cover the entire head from back by moving around similar to a turban. You can also use a towel to cover it over the plastic wrap and leave it for about ten minutes to achieve a little color or you can also leave it for half an hour to make it look dark. Next take the towel from the head and remove the plastic wrap gently using your hand. Try to rinse your hair using warm water till the water comes out fully clean out of the hair. Use the same technique on the hair once again till you get the desired color.

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Making Straight Hair To Grow Lengthy

straight hair long straight hair long2
Making the straight hair to grow lengthy is not so easy, as it can cause breakage. You must follow a proper method to achieve a long looking straight hair. It is important to maintain the hair in a proper when you are planning to make the hair to grow long. The straight hair will be fragile as it has undergone chemical process which can lead to easy breakage. So making them grow long will be difficult for most of the people.
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straight hair long5 straight hair long6
Always wash your hair using only the moisturizing shampoo. You must apply this shampoo over your head and try to massage it gently in your scalp along with the hair. Use cold water for rinsing your hair to grow the hair moisturized. Try to condition your hair once it has been washed with a shampoo. Moisturizing conditioner can be a perfect choice for a newly grown hair. Leave the conditioner over your hair for just five minutes before rinsing it with normal water. You must always comb the hair using wide-tooth hair brush to take the tangles out and try to brush it from the end before moving towards the root of your hair. Get a haircut at least once in a month by going to a hairstylist as it can make the hair grow as fast as possible. Try creating a braid with your hair when it is still wet and after the hair becomes fully dry, brush it completely.

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Lisa Bonets Baby Locks

lisa bonet lisa bonet2
Lisa Bonet is wearing a unique hairstyle that is called as baby locks. This style can be give interesting and unique look if you style it in proper way. The hair will become similar to tight ropes which need less maintenance. People who have short hair can try this style to make the hair look different. There will be curls after creating this hairstyle which can look beautiful and versatile which will also give a sophisticated hairstyle.
lisa bonet3 lisa bonet4

lisa bonet5 lisa bonet6
As usual start by washing your hair using residue-free shampoo and keep the hair damp to continue the styling process. Twist two adjacent locks to make it tight and then spread a little amount of styling gel in your fingers and spread it on one lock at a time by twisting it clockwise from root to tip. Continue to twist the two locks together starting from root to tip and fold the two twisted locks into a loop at the root. Also twist the remaining lock around the loop for a coiled ball and if the locks look short avoid making a loop before coiling and twisting. Next tuck the ends of the locks under the base of your coiled ball or secure it with a hairpin. Twist the coil again and secure pairs of locks to make all the locks into coiled balls. Leave the hair as it is for several hours or overnight to make it set. Finally remove the knots by gently by pulling out each coiled ball and finger style the curls as per your desire.

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