Hairstyle With Short Messy Bangs

short messy bangs short messy bangs2
Creating short messy bangs can give a casual look on any type of hair. But you must use the right hairstyling product to do this at home. This hairstyle can look good on both men as well as women. Just follow this method to create short messy bangs to achieve a natural look. Make sure you are good at using the scissor on your hair as you must cut the hair to make it look layered or go to a hairstylist.
short messy bangs3 short messy bangs4

short messy bangs5 short messy bangs6
First you must create layers in your bangs which will prevent them from looking flat. You can either go to a hair specialist to get the layered cut or you can do the same at home. Wash the hair and once it becomes dry brush the entire hair using a normal comb to make the bangs lay in front of the head. Try to cut the bangs with the help of a scissor and comb. Get the choppy haircut done by layering your hair from top to bottom. Once you have achieved the choppy look on your hair move to the next step. Now take a blow dryer with medium setting for using it over the bangs. Try to use a hairspray on the blow drying hair to prevent any damage. Then scrunch the bangs with your fingers to make them look natural and style them using bobby pins if necessary.

short messy bangs7 short messy bangs8

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