Styling Your Hair Using Babyliss Rollers

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Heated rollers are normally used on the hair to create beautiful curls and it can be the best hairstyle for a night event. There are various types of heated rollers available in the store, but selecting the right product is very important. BaByliss rollers can be your best product for creating the curls as it can maintain the curly shape for a long with its heat.
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To use BaByliss rollers, comb the hair and divide a small sections of hair all over the head. Then brush the each hair section out of your head with the help of your fingers only. Now plug in the heated rollers to make it hot with maximum level if you have a thick hair and for thin hair maintain a low heat. The heating time for the rollers will be about 3-4 minutes for maximum level. Start using the heated rollers on the hair section at the base and roll it around the hair till you reach the scalp. Use hair clips for keeping the rollers in place and do the same on the remaining hair parts all over your head. Now leave the rollers to become cool on their own and once the entire hair gets free from heat mist it with a spray. Then take the rollers out of the hair and use the same hairspray to mist the hair once again to end the styling.

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