Securing the Hair Curlers At Night

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Hair curlers need more time to settle if you are using them without causing damage to the hair. In such case many people will wear them and go to bed to make it set perfectly. There are few things that are important to follow while wearing the curlers and sleeping. You will need items such as hair curlers, shower cap, a piece of cloth to cover the head and hair clips to do this process.
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First wear the curlers as usual and make sure that the hair is slightly damp. Then cover the hair using a shower cap as it will be helpful in moisturizing the hair. Now wrap the hair with a cloth over the shower cap and secure them using the curl clips. Start wrapping the cloth from back of the head and move towards the front of your head. You can also use the bobby pins for securing the wrapped cloth. Try o use the clips on the position where you are going to lie down on the pillow. Just lie down over the pillow normally and adjust the clip or bobby pin of its feels uncomfortable. There is no need to panic while wearing the curlers and sleeping in the bed as it will not cause any problem to your hair. The hair clips can be disturbing for some of the people so they can try using the bobby pins.

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