Rocking Hair Color

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Getting a punk colored hair can give a different kind of look and it cane done on temporary basis or permanently. Most of the people want to get this type hairstyle by going to a saloon, but the same thing can be done at home with few simple styling products. You can also bleach the entire hair before using the punk hair color to make it look more dramatic. Before starting the styling, try to get the Kool-Aid product that will be used over the hair after mixing it along with water.
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First wear hand gloves and take Kool-Aid packet to mix it with water in a cup. Take a big plastic wrap which will be used after applying the color over your hair. Next spread the mixture all over the hair and then use the plastic wrap to cover the entire head from back by moving around similar to a turban. You can also use a towel to cover it over the plastic wrap and leave it for about ten minutes to achieve a little color or you can also leave it for half an hour to make it look dark. Next take the towel from the head and remove the plastic wrap gently using your hand. Try to rinse your hair using warm water till the water comes out fully clean out of the hair. Use the same technique on the hair once again till you get the desired color.

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