Taking Care Of Burnt Scalp

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Burnt scalp can give a hard time for everyone and it normally occurs due to various styling tools. Most of the people try to style their hair at home using chemical relaxers, coloring products and more that can lead to scalp burns. There are different methods that can be helpful in treating the scalp burns at home.
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Wash the hair using mild shampoos along with hair conditioners. Use slightly warm water for rinsing the hair and don’t use medicated shampoos as they can cause more irritation to the scalp. Apply oil that features vitamin E on the burnt scalp area over your head at least two times in a day as it can moisturize the scalp very soon. Also try using aloe vera hair gel for treating the burns on your scalp and it can be used for other problems related to skin. Aloe vera hair gel can be purchased at a store near you and make sure it contains natural products. Font use hairstyling products such as petroleum jelly as they will fail to enter into the scalp without treating the burns. Also stay away from hairspray and hairstyling products that feature alcohol for treating the burnt scalp. Comb the hair after treating the scalp perfectly and use only your fingers to style the hair. Always select organic products for treating the scalp fast as it is known to be harmless.

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Steps To Maintain Lazy Curls

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Lazy curls in your hair can give a good look, but most of time it will lose the shape that can cause frizz. There are ways that can be useful in making the lazy curls to stay in it place. This can help the curls to flow around your head just like natural curls in the hair. Try to wash the hair with curls 2 days in a week to maintain the moisture in your hair that can make the curls to stay in perfect shape.
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First clean the hair using a sulfate-free shampoo and condition it. Try to rinse the hair after applying a hair conditioner and you can also mist the hair with leave-in hairspray after the shampoo process. Apply a small amount of hair gel all over the strands of your hair and style the curls using your fingers. Move your fingers with the gel from middle of the hair and gently move to the hair ends. Avoid using any type of heat styling tools as it can make the curls to dry removing the curly look. In case you want to dry the hair with the blow dryer, try to attach he diffuser along with it. Use the curling iron for creating the shape in your curls and style them with your fingers. Don’t comb the hair with hair brush as it can make the curls look flat.

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Styling Your Hair With Big Jheri Curls

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Creating big jheri curls features a unique way that can be done at home. This style was very much popular in the 1970s among Afro-Americans and it also includes most of celebrities. It does not require a lot of maintenance and you just need to keep the curls moisturized. The hairstyle just needs a touch up once in two months and there is a curl kit available in the market to do this.
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Try to part the hair with a rat-tail comb and apply a little amount of softening creme all over. Then rinse the hair with lukewarm water and wash it completely with a neutralizing shampoo. Roll the hair with perm rods starting from the nape of your neck and cover each hair rod using a rod paper. Add a permanent wave solution all over the hair which has been rodded and make sure to spray to keep the hair drenched. Cover the rodded hair using a plastic shower cap and leave it for about 15 to 30 minutes. Then rinse the hair with a permanent wave solution with a lukewarm water and use a neutralizing solution all over the rodded hair and leave it for 5 minutes. Use a lukewarm water to rinse the hair and then blot the water from rodded hair. Spread a little amount of big jheri curl activator in your hands to rub it all over the hair and style the hair with a wide tooth rake comb.

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Styling Hair With Angel Braid

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Angel braid is a type of hairstyle that needs particular styling method and tools to achieve it perfectly. Try to get some help from hair specialist if you want to create this hairstyle for the first time. Then you can try the same method at home to get it done without any support. The following method can look simple to most of the people who want to achieve this look at home, but you must get some practice before trying this at home without any help.
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To begin the angel braid hairstyling, first you must section the hair from one ear to another. Try to create the French braid from one of the hair section and move towards your one ear. You must use the three strand hair braid method to get this hairstyle done and try to add more sections in your braid while moving onto each side of your head by moving towards the hair ends. Use bobby pins to keep the braid secured at the end of your hair and let the hair fall down only after securing it with hair pin. Try to mist the hairstyle with a spray to end the styling process and add hair accessories that can make this hairstyle look beautiful. Try to start your hairstyling process with an unwashed hair as it can add more grip to your hair while creating the braid.

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Hairstyle With Top Curls

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Top curls are the best hairstyle to get a different look and it is mostly liked by the teenagers. It is easy to achieve this hairstyle whether you have a naturally curly or normal hair. You must handle the hair carefully while lifting the hair on top of your head to get this hairstyle. After creating the hairstyle, try ti mist it with a hairspray which can keep the hairstyle looking shiny for a long time.
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First take the hair on top the head to create an updo. To do this take the hair from front of the head at the back of your head and twist it gently. Try to pull the hair as top as possible over the head and secure it using bobby pins. Then use your fingers to style the curls over the head and use the curling iron over the hair strands to make them curly. Another option is by creating a ponytail at the back of your head and cur it with the curling iron after dividing the hair into one inch part. Make sure that all of your hair has been curled and mist it with a spray. You can also use hot rollers to style the hair in this way only after taking the entire hair on top of the head. Try to add hair accessories that can add more style into your hair.

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Methods To Maintain Semipermanent Hair Color

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Semipermanent hair colors are the best solution to change the color of your hair on temporary basis. It has been specially developed without any harsh chemicals that can prevent hair damage. The semipermanent color can stay in your hair for at least 8-10 washes with shampoo. There are ways to make the semipermanent color to stay on your hair for a long time. Just follow these steps at home to make the color stay longer on your hair.
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The first option while leaving the hair with semipermanent color is to know that it doesn’t feature peroxide and ammonia. Try to rinse the hair using cold water and apply white vinegar all over the hair as it can maintain the color for a long time. Vinegar is known to increase pH levels in the hair that can keep the color stay for a longer period. Don’t wash the hair very often to keep the color stay on the hair for a longer time. Wash your hair only when it looks dirty and wear shower cap while you take bath between the shampoo wash. Get the deep conditioning treatment done on your hair after it has been washed with a shampoo. You can also mix one tbsp hair color along with the shampoo as well as conditioner for using it over the hair. Don’t use other hairstyling products that can make the hair color stay longer.

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Steps To Prevent Hair Breakage With Castor Oil

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Castor oil is a product that can be applied on the hair for various reasons and it can also prevent hair breakage. The hair can maintain its original quality if your applying the castor oil over it. There is a particular method that is important to be followed while applying the castor oil over the hair. Some of the people would want to prevent their hair breakage by using hairstyling products that are costly, but this technique can help them in getting a perfect solution for hair breakage without spending any money as well as time by visiting a saloon.
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First take castor oil in your hand for spreading it all over your hair from top to end. You can also use the fingers to make the castor to spread throughout the hair. Simply run the fingers into your hair and gently massage it from the root to tips of your hair. Another way to spread the castor oil all over the hair is by using a wide tooth hair brush. Just comb the hair with wide tooth brush just like doing it with the fingers and make sure that the oil is spread to your entire hair. Do this on regular basis to maintain the hair healthy and also to prevent hair breakage. Don’t use any other styling products while using the castor oil over the hair as it may not work properly.

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Methods To Clean Your Kinky Twists

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Kinky twist can give a simple look that will look like a braid and it is very easy to maintain. In case you want to wash the hair with the kinky twist, try to follow few simple steps. This hairstyle can be worn for about few weeks without touching your hair and maintaining it is very important.
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First keep stocking cap on the hair before taking a bath and try to spread your hair to make the water enter into it. You must try to squeeze your hair using your hands to make the water enter into the twist easily. Keep the shampoo over your stocking cap for spreading it over the hair and squeeze it again to make it enter into the hair. Just rinse the hair with water after the shampoo process and apply the hair conditioner over your stocking cap. Rinse you hair for the second time and make sure that the stocking cap gets free from slick. You must dry the hair wearing stocking cap which can help to maintain the hair without any frizzy. In case the twist looks loose, just leave it naturally to dry which will make it tight. Try to style the twists using oil-based products that can add more shine into the hair. Always mist the kinky twists with a hairspray from underneath the hair which can control the hair without any breakage.

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Steps To Create Flipped Hair Bangs

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A flipped hair bangs can give a new look if you know how to wear it in a proper way. This is a very simpleway of styling your hair to look great. The style has become of the hottest trends and it has also become more popular among the actresses. This style can be created on any type of hair and it can suit any type of face shape. There is no need to follow any difficult method to create this style as it can be achieved at home without getting help from anyone.
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First wash the hair with a normal shampoo and condition it as usual. Then towel dry the hair and part it on one side of your head. Comb the hair fully to remove the tangles and spritz the hair with a heat protecting spray to prevent damage to your hair from the heat while drying and styling. Make sure to blow dry the hair straight and then separate the hair into small parts. Run the flat iron over the sections after straightening the hair with a comb. Try to comb the bangs before the styling process which will prevent the hair from getting tangled. Use the flat iron over your bangs and curling slightly at the ends. Move the iron away from the part to make the hair flip away from your face. Finally mist all over the hair lightly with a holding spray to make the curl stay in place without falling.

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Avril Lavigne With Straight Emo

avril lavigne avril lavigne2
Avril Lavigne is wearing a straight emo hairstyle is knonw to be a different way of styling your hair. This style will be usually layered and then cut in uneven lengths or shaped inward. There are many celebrities who like to wear this style as it can give them look a really attractive. This style is one of the best and most recognizable aspects of an emo style and there are several ways which can be followed to achieve this hairstyle.  Those who have short and worn one side of the face, the emo hair will have few distinct styles which will be worn by emo people.
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A straight emo style will have long as well as asymmetrical bangs which will be swept to a side which can give attention to your eyes. It will look particularly flattering for individuals who have long faces because it can help to get a more oval face shape. This hairstyle will also lend itself to the bright as well as bold highlights that are usually popular in the emo fashion. Most of the people who like to wear this type of hairstyle may also try to add hair accessories like small bows and clips to get more interesting look. It is very easy to get this hairstyle, but to make it look more perfect try to get help from an hairstylist and also create long emo hair with few bangs or strands of hair.

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