Hairstyle With Interlocked Weaves

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Interlocked weaves in the hair is considered to be a unique qay of styling the hair among the Afro-American women. There will be extensions added to the hair with small braids and it is considered to be a low-maintenance hairstyle because it is worn in its natural form without using any chemicals. After wearing this type of hairstyle most of the women will have various options in styling their hair. This style is usually achieved on the hair with extensions and can add length as well as volume to the look very easily. Just follow these steps to create this hairstyle.
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As usual separate your hair from front to back of the head into half inch wide sections. Take half inch section of your hair and the extension together to separate it into three parts. Braid the section starting from front to the back of your head. Then pull out few strands from the extension in different places of your head and clip it away from your braid. Braid the hair till the end of your hair to create hang free hairstyle. Next take the middle strand from your braid and tie a knot twice with the remaining sections under middle strand. Take the strands which were clipped before and make it hang over the rest of your hair. Try to keep both hair extensions and natural hair to blend. This style can be left without any touch up for about 2 to 3 months.

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Securing the Hair Curlers At Night

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Hair curlers need more time to settle if you are using them without causing damage to the hair. In such case many people will wear them and go to bed to make it set perfectly. There are few things that are important to follow while wearing the curlers and sleeping. You will need items such as hair curlers, shower cap, a piece of cloth to cover the head and hair clips to do this process.
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First wear the curlers as usual and make sure that the hair is slightly damp. Then cover the hair using a shower cap as it will be helpful in moisturizing the hair. Now wrap the hair with a cloth over the shower cap and secure them using the curl clips. Start wrapping the cloth from back of the head and move towards the front of your head. You can also use the bobby pins for securing the wrapped cloth. Try o use the clips on the position where you are going to lie down on the pillow. Just lie down over the pillow normally and adjust the clip or bobby pin of its feels uncomfortable. There is no need to panic while wearing the curlers and sleeping in the bed as it will not cause any problem to your hair. The hair clips can be disturbing for some of the people so they can try using the bobby pins.

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Styling Your Hair Using Babyliss Rollers

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Heated rollers are normally used on the hair to create beautiful curls and it can be the best hairstyle for a night event. There are various types of heated rollers available in the store, but selecting the right product is very important. BaByliss rollers can be your best product for creating the curls as it can maintain the curly shape for a long with its heat.
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To use BaByliss rollers, comb the hair and divide a small sections of hair all over the head. Then brush the each hair section out of your head with the help of your fingers only. Now plug in the heated rollers to make it hot with maximum level if you have a thick hair and for thin hair maintain a low heat. The heating time for the rollers will be about 3-4 minutes for maximum level. Start using the heated rollers on the hair section at the base and roll it around the hair till you reach the scalp. Use hair clips for keeping the rollers in place and do the same on the remaining hair parts all over your head. Now leave the rollers to become cool on their own and once the entire hair gets free from heat mist it with a spray. Then take the rollers out of the hair and use the same hairspray to mist the hair once again to end the styling.

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Hairstyle With Short Messy Bangs

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Creating short messy bangs can give a casual look on any type of hair. But you must use the right hairstyling product to do this at home. This hairstyle can look good on both men as well as women. Just follow this method to create short messy bangs to achieve a natural look. Make sure you are good at using the scissor on your hair as you must cut the hair to make it look layered or go to a hairstylist.
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First you must create layers in your bangs which will prevent them from looking flat. You can either go to a hair specialist to get the layered cut or you can do the same at home. Wash the hair and once it becomes dry brush the entire hair using a normal comb to make the bangs lay in front of the head. Try to cut the bangs with the help of a scissor and comb. Get the choppy haircut done by layering your hair from top to bottom. Once you have achieved the choppy look on your hair move to the next step. Now take a blow dryer with medium setting for using it over the bangs. Try to use a hairspray on the blow drying hair to prevent any damage. Then scrunch the bangs with your fingers to make them look natural and style them using bobby pins if necessary.

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Steps To Take Toner Out Of Your Hair

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Hair toner can be used to change the tone of your hair permanently than just changing its color. Most of the time the hair toner will give a very beautiful look to your hair, but in some case it can look very bad. You can get rid of the toner from your hair by following few simple steps.
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First wear hand gloves before mixing the developer along with lightening powder. Then mix 2 ounces shampoo in the mixture and try to blend them perfectly in the bowl. Start applying this mixture on your hair with the help of a color brush. Let the mixture stay on the hair strands for about ten minutes. You can check the color of your hair by rinsing one small section with water. You can also use a damp cloth to wipe the hair section to see the result. In case you are not satisfied with the color of your hair, use the mixture once again over your hair and leave it for five minutes. Next rinse the entire hair using warm water and use the shampoo during this process. Add a small amount of hair conditioner on your hair strands and leave it for about 5 minutes before rinsing the hair once again. Once the hair gets dry naturally you can style it as per your wish and don’t use a hair dryer during this time.

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Treating Brazilian Weave Perfectly

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Creating a Brazilian weave is not easy and it is also not easy to maintain it properly. You must use a particular technique while treating the Brazilian weave. You must create a knot where the hair will be bound in small parts with the help of elastic thread. Different process can be followed by going to a hair specialist for treating the Brazilian weave, but you can just follow a simple process at home without spending too much time and money.
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Always wash your hair once in 2 weeks to maintain the moisture into it and you can use dry shampoo for washing the hair if required. Try to wash the scalp by massaging the shampoo slightly with your fingers and use the moisturizing hair conditioner after the washing process. Deep conditioning the hair is a very important process that is very important while treating the Brazilian weave, so do this without fail. Always dry your hair naturally without using any heating tools as they can spoil the look of your hair. Try to use proper hairstyling products for styling the Brazilian weave to prevent buildup in it. Use a wide-toothed hair brush for combing the hair and do this very gently without putting any pressure on the hair. There is no need to create particular hairstyle with the Brazilian weave as you can give your touch to it only after treating it properly.

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Using Conair Rollers To Style Hair

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Conair rollers are the best hairstyling tools that can be used to create beautiful wavy and curly hairstyle. The rollers can be heated electrically that can be used for styling the hair in different ways. It is also available in various options that can be purchase as per your hair type. Always use the rollers on a completely dry hair without causing any damage to it. Apply the rollers vertically over the hair section to create curls and use it horizontally to create the waves.
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As usual comb the hair to make it tangle free and mist it with water. Then plug in the roller in the electrical socket to make it heat slightly. Take small part of hair for keeping it over the roller and try to pull the hair ends just below the roller. Start rotating the roller towards upward on your head till you reach the scalp and secure it using the clips. Now take another hair section and use the same technique over it. Try to use the same method throughout your hair section by section and let the rollers stay on the hair part for about 15-20 minutes. Start taking the rollers out of your hair after taking the clips out and do this process very gently. At last use a hairspray to mist the entire hair and try to comb the hair to add more body into it.

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