Alicia Keys With Frohawk Look

alicia keys frohawk alicia keys frohawk2
Alicia Keys is wearing the frohawk hairstyle that looks almost similar to the afro look. The afro hairstyle is mostly created with Afro-American hair type and the same thing applies to this hairstyle also. The hair that is at both sides on your head will be cut completely short in this hairstyle and the center of the head will have thick. This is one of the best hairstyle for those who want to look completely different at any place.
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To create the frohawk look like Alicia Keys, first you must clean the hair by washing it normally and apply a hair conditioner. Leave the hair as per the time mentioned on the hair conditioner kit and rinse the entire hair as usual. Now spread a small amount of moisturizing hair gel all over the hair using your hands only and create three parts with your hair. There must be lines over the head from front part towards the back and it must move along your entire hair length. Try to make small twists with your hair in the middle part and use hair gel while creating the twist perfectly. Mist the hair using normal water and make small cornrows at the side of your head. The cornrows must run from the front side of your head ad move behind the head. Try to create a braid with the long cornrow and secure it with bobby pins.

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Short Cropped Bangs

short cropped bangs short cropped bangs2
Creating short cropped bangs will be able to give a great look for those want to maintain their hair short. This is a perfect hairstyle for those who have a short to medium hair length. It can be worn for a casual event when matched with a proper outfit. Most of the celebrities with short hair like this hairstyle as it can easily created.
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To achieve the hairstyle with short cropped bangs, you must comb the entire hair using a normal hair brush and make it free of knots. Then cut your hair at home using the normal hairstyling method. You can also go to a hair specialist to get this haircut done in a perfect way than trying it at home. If you are doing this at home, first comb the entire hair from back and in the front of your head in one place. Start cutting them short without moving too close to your scalp. Now you can comb the hair to see the cutting result and in case the length of your hair looks uneven try to cut them using the scissors. Pull out one part from your for cutting downward and take left out hair parts in one section for cutting it in the same procedure. Finally wash the hair and dry it using hair dryer and mist the entire hairstyle with a spray to complete the process.

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Creating Blonde Chunks In Your Hair

blonde hair chunks blonde hair chunks2
Adding blonde chunks in your hair can give a unique look and it can also be created very easily. There is no need to follow a any special technique and use a particular product for achieving this look. Anyone can add blonde chunks in their hair to get a defined look and it can be matched with a proper outfit for a great look.
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blonde hair chunks5 blonde hair chunks6
To create blonde chunks in your hair, cover the hair with highlighting cap provided along with the styling kit. There will be holes in the cap that must be used to pull the hair out using the hook provided along with the kit. Try to take out thick hair from the holes to create a unique look. Take the hair color and mix it by following the instructions Use the coloring brush from the kit for coloring your hair that has come out of the hole from the cap. Read the instructions for the time that your hair has to be left with the color. In case you have a very dark hair, let the color to stay to on your hair for a longer time than the actual time mentioned in the instruction. If your hair is light to medium color, just follow the instruction on the kit. Then you can rinse the hair with the cap still on your head and condition the hair without fail.

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Simple Looking Straight Hairstyle

simple straight hair simple straight hair2
Most of the people want to make their hair straight, but they will be afraid to use the hairstyling tools. There are also few simple things that can be followed to make the hair straight with getting into a professional way. You can also consult a hairstylist before making the hair straight. Make sure that the hair has been fully washed before you start the styling process.
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First apply a hair conditioner on a clean hair and purchase the conditioner that is used while making the hair straight. Then rinse the hair and dry it with a towel than using a blow dryer. Once the hair becomes slightly damp, now you can use the blow dryer to prevent the frizzy look in your hair. Next apply small amount of hair serum as it can prevent the hair from getting damaged. Start combing your hair completely from the root and move till the hair ends which will spread the serum through the hair. Use the blow dryer along with straightening nozzle on your hair all over in various directions. Now keep the hair section secured and take another section to use the same technique. Move the blow dryer about 90 degree angle over the hair section and brush it straight from top to bottom. Continue the same method all over the hair in sections using the blow dryer to end the straightening process.

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Steps To Use Du-Rags

du-rag du-rag2
Du-Rags can be used to cover the hairstyle when you are going to bed to sleep. It was very popular during the 1950s where most of the people used to wear it. It is helpful in maintaining the hairstyles in perfect shape such as curls and waves. The du-rag has been one of the most used hairstyling product by the Black Americans from a long time, but now it is also worn by other people.
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du-rag5 du-rag6
The du-rags are available in polyester most of the time, but there are also fabrics that are used to make the du-rags. It is also available in different color options that can be worn for various occasions. This product is also considered to be significant as it is able to combine the styles as well as cultures over time. Some of the people normally wear the du-rags as per their wish and others wear them throughout the day. The du-rag that is made of polyester is widely used by most of people and it is also much effective than other materials to keep the hairstyle intact. Usually the size of du-rags will be long that must cover your entire head. Those who wear the du-rags will also tie it near their ears to make it secured neatly in place. If you are creating a braid with your hair, then try to cover them with the du-rags at night times.

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Hairstyle With Classic Side Chignon

classic side chignon classic side chignon2
A classic side chignon is one of the most preferred hairstyle that can give a surprisingly simple look. This style can be achieved on any type of hair, but it should by long enough to create the side chignon. It is considered to be a timeless updo which is a perfect choice for casual occasions.
classic side chignon3 classic side chignon4

classic side chignon5 classic side chignon6
To get this hairstyle, begin the styling process on a day old hair as it can be easier to form the classic side chignon with an unwashed hair. Next comb your hair straight back of the head to make a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Hold the ponytail in place using a covered hair band. Then separate the ponytail into two equal parts and brush each of them lightly with a comb. Now take one of the sections in hand and smooth it using a hairbrush. Try to twist the section under and hold it in place with a large bobby pin or hair clip. Use the same method on the other part of the ponytail that was divided earlier. At last smooth down any stray hairs using a hair brush and then spritz all over the hair with a little amount of hairspray. After completing the hairstyle, add fresh flowers or a jeweled hair stick when you are wearing this style for a special occasion.  You can also create bangs with this hairstyle and swept to side of your head.

classic side chignon7 classic side chignon8

Modified Short Bob

modified short bob modified short bob2
A bob hairstyle is worn by most of the people from a long time. This style is known as a easy to care for hairstyle because it is created with shorter hair. You can create the modified short bob in different ways to get a unique and attractive.
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modified short bob5 modified short bob6
To create the modified short bob, first place a towel over shoulder and separate the hair into 7 parts including left side, right side, left nape, right nape, left crown, right crown and top. Use hair barrettes or pins to keep the sections in place. Now pull out top part loosely with your index and middle fingers for cutting it as per your wish. Then pull the nape part for and brushing it out. Start the haircut to your desired length at the back of your head and move in the front. Use the same method over other side of the nape. Next pull out the remaining hair section for combing it out for cutting it in the same length that is near nape of the neck. Use the same technique all over the four parts and move from back to front. Now pull top section for parting it down in the middle of the head. Comb the hair out and try to it cut from back to front of the head as same length like the previous hair parts. At last wash your hair before brushing comb it and dry the hair using blow dryer.

modified short bob7 modified short bob8

Sideswept Short Crop Hairstyle

sideswept short crop sideswept short crop2

A sideswept crop hairstyle is one of the most unique way of styling the hair which is short. It is a normal crop haircut where the hair in front the head will be swept across your forehead. There are many people who style their hair like when it short to achieve the unique look. It is also a trend of styling the hair that has been there from a long time and also liked by many. Here is a one of the simple method to style the hair in this way without using any chemicals. But you must get the crop haircut before styling the hair.
sideswept short crop3 sideswept short crop4

sideswept short crop5 sideswept short crop6
To create a sideswept crop style, first you must cut the hair as usual to achieve the cropped look. After cutting the hair try to wash it as usual and condition it with a proper conditioner. Try to wash the hair carefully as an unwashed hair will cause problems while styling it in this manner. Then brush the hair to take out the tangles and use a small amount of heat straightening hairspray all over the hair. Now use a blow dryer to make the hair dry and make sure to comb the hair during this process. Next add little amount of styling cream in between the fingertips to seep your hair across the forehead starting from a side to another. At last mist the properly with a hairspray to create more hold in the hair.

sideswept short crop7 sideswept short crop8

Styling Black Hair With Color Rinse

color rinse color rinse2
Color rinse is used to change the look of your hair on temporary basis. The color rinse will not enter into hair shaft thus making it a temporary hair coloring product. It is mainly used on hair color such as red, blue and purple, but those who have black hair will not get its full effect. There is a way to use the color rinse on your black hair to make it lighter.
color rinse3 color rinse4

color rinse5 color rinse6
To begin first rinse the hair using warm water and wear hand gloves. Take the color rinse and mix it as per the instructions. Cover the shoulder with a normal cloth to prevent the rinse from falling on your skin. Then brush the hair to make it smooth and separate the hair into sections. Apply the rinsing product all over the hair section from top to end including the hair roots. Make sure that the hair sections have been completely saturated with the product and leave it on as per the time mentioned in the instruction. Use the same technique on the other hair parts all over the hair and make sure they have been properly covered with the product. At last wash the hair and apply the shampoo as well as the hair conditioner that is provided along with the color rinsing product. The hair color can stay longer if you wash it with a color-enhancing hair shampoo.

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Methods To Make Kanekalon Curly

curl kanekalon curl kanekalon2
Curling a Kanekalon is a simple process that can be done at home than visiting a hair specialist. The Kanekalon is available in different types such as braids, kinky extensions and more along with more than 100 color options. There is no need to use any type of curling iron to achieve this look as you can do this by following these simple techniques. You can apply bigger rods to create loose curls and thin rods to get tight curls in the Kanekalon.
curl kanekalon3 curl kanekalon4

curl kanekalon5 curl kanekalon6
To make the Kanekalon curly, first take the Kanekalon lock for winding it with the salon rod before dipping it into the hot water. Leave it in the water for about 15 seconds and gently wipe it using a normal towel to make it dry. Once the Kanekalon becomes fully dry take the rod carefully and start to unwind the Kanekalon out of the rod. Now you can see that the Kanekalon has been completely curled. The curl in the Kanekalon will stay in its original shape for many shampoo washes. Avoid using any type of heat styling tools as they can cause damage to the Kanekalon and the Kanekalon is also not recommended for heat styling. The Kanekalon is normally used in the hair extensions as well as hair weaves. You must give same priority to the Kanekalon which is given to the wig to prevent any damage.

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